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Earth Dance

the planet from a different perspective
If Earth was represented by only 100 people...

Crap! 14.Feb.2003 22:14


whiny, whimpy, racist, leftist, bigoted, manure....

I enjoy snacking high on the food chain and chating on the cellular phone.

And having watched this macromedia-flash dribble, I can clearly count myself one of the 500 million who have recently been tortured...

. 15.Feb.2003 00:25



:-) 15.Feb.2003 06:24




To CRAP 15.Feb.2003 07:08

dancerdolphin dancerdolphin@excite.com

Dinosaurs were at the top of the food chain too...........
They couldn't evolve fast enough to avoid extinction......
You have the CHOICE to evolve or become extinct. Wake up and admit that you are doing just what you have been brainwashed into doing........ buy, buy, buy, consume, consume, consume, kill, kill, kill..........
The growing # of awakened humans on this planet who are learning to live in peace and give more than they take have no room for the likes of you........ That is what evolution is, when an organism no longer is a functioning, balanced part of it's environment, and is in fact destructive of it's environment, the ecological system eliminates it. You are a candidate for the Darwin award this year.
Bye bye...........

punctuated equilibrium the new model 15.Feb.2003 15:36


Evolution is many things and if you had gotten any depth out of those biology courses you took you would realize that "we" are defining evolution using bio-engineering, and global warming.. There is a method to "our" madness I assure you.

Everything goes extinct sooner or later, its just a question when , how and why. It really doesn't bother me. I shall feast on the last spotted owl before I go. (medium-well, with a dry merlot, I think.)

Geologically speaking, this whole mass extinction period will go by rather quickly. So go pick the strata you wish to be entombed in while you still have time..

call L. Ron 16.Feb.2003 22:55


so you're terraforming the planet so the evil alien race you are a part of can unzip your full body costumes and enjoy a brand new planetl..you bastards.

(and a dry-merlot? what about Thunderbird?)