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help shut down the World Agricultural Forum

come to St. Louis may 18-20 to shut down the WAF
World Ag Forum to meet in ST. Louis. Come shut it down!

Shut Down the World Agricultural Forum! Say NO to Corporate Greed and the Raping of the Seed!
Agriculture is the most fundamental industry of man, responsible for providing the food, water and shelter necessary for sustaining human life. Yet, each year an expanding world population increases the strain on dwindling land and water resources. Already, 800 million go without food to meet their basic nutritional needs and experts predict that by 2025 the world's population will have grown by an additional 3 billion, leaving two-thirds of the world's population to live in water-stressed areas.

We, revolutionary anti-capitalists in the midwest, see how agriculture and agribusiness play an important role in corpoprate globalization and the affects it has on biodiversity, rights of farmers, poverty and hunger, health, and on the Global South.

St. Louis (home of Monsanto), will be the host of the next WAF Congress on May 18-20, 2003. Join us in active resistance against the WAF. We want to give the CEOs of Agribusiness (and the many other corporate killers scheduled to be present) a very warm (not-)welcome.

Say NO to corporate globalization, privatization of Mother Earth's resources (like water!), biotechnology, brutal exploitation of organic and indigenous farmers of the Global South, the FTAA, the WTO, the IMF/WB, and capitalism!

Say YES to Mother Earth, biodiversity, rights of farmers all over the world, sustainable agriculture, and a world not dominated by the corporations!

Keep your eyes peeled and yor ears open for more to come...
man? 15.Feb.2003 08:58

doyle doyle@riseup. net

I think its great that so-called "revolutionaries" are circulating a call about shutting down the WAF, but what really concerns me is the language of this callout which automatically strikes some chords with me as a woman, revolutionary, and biotech organizer.

the RAPING of the seed? let's think about this for a second.

the "dawn of man"--excuse me sir. havent we moved beyond the idea that male is normalcy and that men made HIStory? Esp the so-called anti-capitalists? let alone the fact that it is WOMEN who are in many cases the stewards of the land and take care of the agri-culture, and keep the knowledge that is being marketised and monopolised via TRIPs etc.

and then there's this whole discourse of "over-population" which , as a woman I find to be quite problematic. While it is only foreshadowed here in your call out, this discourse often times points in a trajectory that blames women for the collapse of ecological systems--and the poorest women from the global South-- for having too many babies. i find it too be steeped in a racsim and patriarchy that shirks analysis of the true roots of the ecological crisis--capitalism, patriarchy, etc. The neoliberals love "population" projects as they are veiled in this idea of giving women reproductive rights, but are acctaully about curbing the population in the South while the North continues to consume most of the world's resources.

Now, Im not discouraging people from coming to St Louis and doing lots of amazing actions at the WAF to expose the racsim and eco-cidal logic of the biotech elites--Im all for that and I'll see you in the streets. What I am concerned about here is that your call out, by the natture of its language, excludes many of us from feeling as if we are invited too. and since the centerpiece of the mobilization is "biotech and racsim," I think you may want to do some reflecting on the assuptions made here in your call out.

anti-capitalists? 19.Feb.2003 08:34


I hate to burst your bubble, but since when are "we" here in the U$A, anti-capitalists. you may be the most well meaning individual, but it's virtually impossible to not consider yourself a capitalist in this nation.