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Virtual Sit-in for animals - RIGHT NOW

An excerpt from the gallery of torture: Stuart Zola (Zola-Morgan) has an established history of animal experimentation and is leaving the University of California at San Diego to join the Yerkes team. Zola has been conducting the same experiment since March 1, 1983 and has failed to produce anything to help sick people.  http://emorylies.com/Stuart%20Zola.htm
Virtual Sit-in for animals - RIGHT NOW
Virtual Sit-in for animals - RIGHT NOW

"Zola-Morgan's first job is to brace the head. There is no wiggle room in brain surgery. He opens the monkey's mouth and inserts a metal T-bar, the top of the tee catching behind the sharp canine teeth. Two metal prongs, blunt-ended, grip the area just outside the edge of the animal's eye sockets. With teeth and eyes anchored, the monkey's head is held rigidly still, awaiting the first cut. Holding a scalpel, Zola-Morgan traces a T-cut onto the top of the head, a line behind the brow-bone, a perpendicular cut down the back of the head......He rolls the severed skin away from the muscle.

And the tough muscle holds hard and tight to the skull, resisting his efforts to pull it away. It is a good hour until he can see the left cheekbone, the pinkish-white curve of the zygomatic arch. Still, he has to free it further, hitching a square of gauze behind the bone, dragging it up and down until the muscle is polished off and the arch stands clear. Then, using a drill that fills the room with the whine of metal on bone, he breaks out the arch. He cuts on, opening a path through the muscle to the skull. Then more drilling, making a walnut-sized hole in the skull itself. Then carefully, he chips away the bony skull to expose the tissue that covers the brain, the thin, gray rubbery-looking sheet of the dura. And then the whole process must be repeated on the other side of the head.'

In the years Zola has received our tax dollars to fund experiments on monkey brains, he has failed to produce any treatment or cure to help sick people. Zola has written papers, attended meetings and even performs magic tricks to entertain children but the scientific facts are that Zola has squandered real opportunities to help sick people and raided the public till. But again, Zola has stated he is not interested in helping sick people.

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