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North Park Blocks AntiWar Rally!

See you there!
North Park Blocks AntiWar Rally!
North Park Blocks AntiWar Rally!
Portland has been one of the most important antiwar street protest cities in the nation.

" . . . one of the largest groups of demonstrators Mr. Bush has encountered since September 11"
The New York Times, Aug. 23, 2002

"In Portland, Ore., in the largest antiwar action seen there in years, some 6000 marched through downtown to the federal building on Oct. 5. "
Socialist Action, October 2002

"I think this is as big as the big rally in January, 1991, at the start of the first Gulf War," said one participant at the November 17 peace rally in Portland.
Oregon Peace Works, "Who's Making Peace?" December 2002

"Associated Press reporters estimated turnout in the Rose City at a record-breaking 20,000 people, while some march organizers placed the number closer to 30,000."
The Portland Alliance, February 2003

Let's keep it going at Noon this Saturday, Feb. 15 in the North Park Blocks, Park & Burnside!