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Critical Mass on Feb. 15th

checkin the weather
If any riders would be interested in a special Critical Mass ride in conjunction with the International Day of Action and in direct opposition to this dictators call to war, please meet at the No Park Blocks around noon. The last special ride was to meet here and it had some trouble getting organized so I ask that if you are there for CM please hang out at the corner closest to the Technical Store. If there are enough riders that want to ride, we'll do it. If the numbers are few we'll just hang with the rally. But, do your thing, whatever it is, subvert the war. PEace.Love.

Not so Critical Mass? 12.Feb.2003 15:12

Peace Rebel Guy

My how this little party has evolved. First it was a noble act of creating awareness of the benefits of BICYCLES. Now suddenly its an Anti-War message. One might even go as far saying that this is proof that this little party is just an excuse to go out and raise hell in the streets. Oh, I guess I just said it.

peace rebel bore 12.Feb.2003 17:29

raising hell for the sake of it

'not so critical mass', how many times have we heard that one. yawn. yeah, it is a little party and yeah we can have our little party to get an anti-war message out. and yes, it is an excuse to go out and raise hell in the streets. what of it?

there's nothing about that, peace rebel guy, what is your point?

Peace Rebel Bore Take 2 12.Feb.2003 18:22

Bicylists United for Rights to the Road

Not only does Critical Mass continue to be an active force challenging the dominance of motor vehicles on our PUBLIC streets, Critical Mass sez that motorists are fueling the war with Iraq over oil (pun intended!). This war is all about control of the oil resources that keep the sheep driving. If you're coming to the peace march, leave your vehicles at home: ride your bike and join Critical Mass; ride your bike to the rally and march on foot; ride public transportation to the rally, but don't drive! Get a fuckin' clue: think globally, act locally means YOU!!! (Uncle Sam pointing his finger at y'all!!).

My point is.... 13.Feb.2003 14:15

Peace Rebel Guy

The yawns are actually for you. The image that you have created of critical mass in your head has little to do with the image that is created in reality. The critical mass is nothing more than gettin with yer buddies and creating a self sense of authority in the "public streets". Your not raising awareness of impending war or the environmental benefits of using alternative transportaton. That is my point, Im not sure how you missed it.

whats your beef with CM 13.Feb.2003 18:47

better than doing nothing

hey rebel, whats your beef with CM? since when are you the authority on the image of reality? even if all CM does is provide a couple of hours of fun for aggro cyclists then so be it. its fun and others have joined in because they know its fun. some of them, me included, now cycle almost exclusively- giving up reliance on the automobile. you can't deny that.

what are you doing to denounce war and oil? (i mean that in all sincerity)

What is reality? 13.Feb.2003 21:27

Bicyclists United for Rights to the Road

Peace Rebel Bore, I can't help but think you're either a die-hard motorist or a weekend car-top recreational cyclist. No doubt Critical Mass pisses many motorists off, because they refuse to see that public streets are not for motor vehicles only, and that bicycling is a non-polluting, sustainable and viable form of urban transportation. On the other hand, from personal experience, many motorists who encounter Critical Mass on the streets actually seem quite supportive, and probably wish they were riding with the Mass instead of being trapped in their car because, yes, it is a hell of a lot of fun!

Motor vehicles have only been around for a mere century, and they will go the way of the dinosaurs (and a lot quicker, too) when the oil either runs out or oil prices begin to reflect the true cost of producing, refining and defending the world's oil supplies for the Amerikan public's gluttonous gas-hog ways. The only reason oil remains so inexpensive is because our government, with taxpayer dollars, provides heavy subsidies for roads to drive on, and for troops and wars to ensure that the world's oil continues to flow our way. In addition, the check has yet to be cashed for the myriad of environmental, social and geopolitical ills caused by oil exploration, production, refining, transport and burning. This includes surburban sprawl and other degradations and depredations of the environment and social fabric of our country made possible by subsidized cheap oil and our unsustainable motorific way of life.