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Police visit woman who mailed rice to protest war

An unidentifed women recieves a police visit after protesting Bush's war by mailing Rice for Peace
In an earlier call to action Portland Indymedia readers were urged to send pResident Bush rice as a form of protest, adopting the biblical admonition to "feed thine enemies".  http://portland.indymedia.org/front.php3?article_id=43046&group=webcast

Now the Associated Press reports this action earned a visit from the police on Monday.
CHAPEL HILL, N.C. (AP) - A symbol of protest earned a Chapel Hill woman a visit from the police Monday.

The woman, whom police refuse to identify, mailed an envelope filled with rice to the White House to protest a possible war in Iraq. Raleigh postal workers flagged the package because it had excessive postage and a granular substance inside and then alerted police. Raleigh officers, during a time of heightened terrorist alerts, wanted someone to check out the return address and called Chapel Hill police.

The sender was participating in the Rice for Peace campaign, which encourages people to send a half a cup of rice to the White House to protest the possible invasion of Iraq.

A similar measure was used nearly half a century ago to urge President Eisenhower to peacefully resolve conflicts with China during the Cold War.

On a Web site dedicated to the project, campaign organizers advise that "Rice for Peace -No War on Iraq" should be marked clearly on the outside of the envelopes.

homepage: homepage: http://newsobserver.com/nc24hour/ncnews/story/2197002p-2077704c.html

Never Can Tell 13.Feb.2003 14:05

Den Mark, Vancouver WA

Never can tell. Rice is pretty intimidating. Noo-kew-ler bombs aren't, but rice is. Could be a grain of mass destruction. I mean, "anthrax" has an "r" in it, & so does "rice". Never can tell. Come tuh thinkuhvit, "pretzel" has an "r" in it, too. So does "Iraq". Can't be too careful.