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now is the time to storm the street

now is the time to storm the streets en masse, not carry out little isolated 'actions' scattered around the place.
they are expecting 1 million people in london and similarly huge protests in sf and nyc. i hope big numbers turn out in portland. it needs to be big and frenzied. what happened to the momentum in little beirut??
hello?! 12.Feb.2003 11:04


contrary to popular belief on this website, people don't come out in large numbers unless they hear about it through several reliable channels, and believe it will be safe for children and elderly. they won't believe it will be safe for children and elderly if a large chunk of the people calling for that street-taking view getting permits and cooperating with the police as sleeping with the enemy, as happens at this website. those large numbers also view police as human beings, sometimes doing a good job, sometimes not, unlike as found at this website.

to get the word out and attract such large numbers it does take organizing. the only exception may be on the day full-fledged war does break out, and that will be because the word of the plan has been out and about for a long time.

putting together a mass such as happened on January 18 takes a lot of work. it took a lot of work. unpaid moonlighting work. many of the same dedicated individuals put this time in for rally after rally.

you try doing that one short month one after another.

why do you not see the merit in taking the action to where people live, as is planned this weekend?

and hello to you 12.Feb.2003 12:44

scratching head

i appreciate the planning that went into the last march. that wasn't my point. i'm not expecting those uncomforable with taking streets without a permit to do anything outside of their comfort zone but things are getting hot. it would just be great to see people in cities and towns, throughout the country, getting out together and making a noise in opposition to US imperialism. it doesn't take much organization to do that.

secondly, i think a candle lit vigil here , some prayers there aren't really going to get that much attention or achieve anything. i don't think marches are always the best thing to do but right now its my opinion that we should be out in the streets with the rest of the world, more so than J18.

sorry but the war isn't going to wait for your permits.

KEEP SPREADING phony dossier story 12.Feb.2003 13:40

What Really Happened


The rest of the world now knows that Colin Powell's presentation to the United Nations was based on a fraudulent dossier. Other items he presented as evidence have been exposed as outdated and "misinterpreted". The so-called explosives school is a TV studio. The germ lab turned out to be a bakery. The administration is terrified that this story will get out to the American people. It is UP TO YOU to get this story of deception before the eyes of everyone around you, in particular those friends and neighbors who are not getting their news from the internet. You must work quickly. Driven by fear, it appears Bush is going to start the war immediately, rather than risk his justification for invasion and conquest unraveling any further.

Rest of the plagiarism story links have been moved here:

it sooo simple 12.Feb.2003 16:23

no name

Yeah! All you have to do to get 50,000 on the streets in Portland is just type! That's right, just post to this website and boom! It happens. No face to face communication is necessary. No telephone work. Certainly no wasted time meeting with organizations! Why should I waste time sitting through a PCUN meeting? A Catholic Archdiocese meeting? An Ecumenical Ministries Meeting? A Jobs With Justice Meeting? A MACG meeting? A PPRC meeting? A PJW meeting? Fuck that! I'm no joiner! Listening, trust, coordination, coalition building and movement work is for idiots. LISTEN: Just type your call for a general strike and it happens! How cool is that!

yes it is, isn't it? 12.Feb.2003 17:23

scratching head

sounds like a nerve as been touched. i'm just saying its a damn shame that portland did not get it together to get people out in the streets, like other cities have managed to do. i know its easy to bitch and complain but i'm simply offering my opinion. sorry if i offended any 'career activists' out there. seriously, it won't take much to get a few hundred people out on saturday, just people reading this website and passing the word on is enough. some flyers here and there. critical mass does it all the time.

now about that general strike, anyone up for it?

The bigger question is: "Who cares?" 12.Feb.2003 19:34

Bush Admirer

The bigger question is: "Who cares" if 50,000 whiner/complainers come out onto the streets of Portland.

The average citizen's response would be: "Hey Martha, come look at the TV. Geez, there are a lot of malcontents in Portland. Maybe we should move."

I Sure Hope Your Mother's Name Is Martha 12.Feb.2003 19:58


Bon Vouyage!

If your model is Critical Mass, then... 12.Feb.2003 20:16

Not a medic

If your model for social change is Critical Mass, then you are right to believe that posting a notice on Indy Media will be sufficient to turn out a number of people who will wander in the streets.

If your model for social change involves general strikes, as mine does, then you have to do some organizing work. That involves meetings, talking with people who don't automatically agree with you, and listening. If you have actually helped organize strikes, then you would not be so ready to taunt folks who have basic questions for you.

Throwing insults at people, such as calling them 'career activists', is not included in those dialogues. (And, by the way, I have never been a 'career activist', but you ignored the point of the person who questioned what you are proposing).

I welcome anyone and everyone who wants to take action against the war that is coming. But we should recognize that some actions are far more effective than others. If a march of 20,000 people occurs in Portland, that is wonderful. I am glad that I was there. But if 200 people shut down all the recruiting stations in the area, that would be better, in my eyes. If a division of 20,000 soldiers refused to fight, that would be qualitatively different, also.

What are you doing to prepare for the day that the invasion is actually announced? Meeting downtown is not a plan, it is just a start of activity.

What are you doing to prepare for the day after - when hundreds, if not thousands of people in the U.S. will be sitting in jail thinking about their trials for blocking streets, invading military recruiting stations,etc? What are you doing one week after the invasion starts, when it will be known how massive the destruction of Baghdad actually is and the world will be responding against the U.S.? What do you suggest we do to help the tens, if not hundreds of thousands of wounded Iraqi people?

Marching around the streets of Portland may be all that you have to offer right now. Where are you going to march to? What will you do when you get there? Are you going to be deterred by diversions at shopping plazas? Are you going to have any literature to pass out to passersby, who might want to understand what you are doing?

Or are you going to march in circles,break a few windows, and feel that you have 'protested'?

By the way, in the Bay Area, when people such as "Bush Admirer" post useless and disruptive dreck on Indy Media, hackers there dig up their names and addresses and post that information as a public service. I have no problems with anyone doing that with me, since almost any street medic in the Northwest could point me out. But would someone do that for "Bush Admirer", so that we would at least know who the fool is?

No Blood for Spoils! 12.Feb.2003 22:10


The point is to simply keep up the momentum by rallying in the street--this Saturday noon at the North Park Blocks will do nicely.

Once there, it would be more than effective for anyone present to give a short speech or two. Voice your opposition to the war in public. More than good for the soul.

All this argument about methods and motives can blind us to what's important. Everyone do what they must, sure; but I feel I want to be with like-minded antiwar protestors downtown on Feb. 15.

Everyone else keep up the good fight however you choose.

tit for tat 12.Feb.2003 22:34

these posts are all the same

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tit for cock 12.Feb.2003 23:17


or they'll start fucking each other, which is sorta what they're already doin with all of this my weapon is bigger than yours bullshit...

tit for tat 13.Feb.2003 02:38


Well, see, it's about men, so it obviously couldn't be ignorant and offensive! No double standards here!