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Coup attempted in the Green Party of Utah

A group of co-conspirators have engineered a coup attempt in the Green Party of Utah. Using methods not allowed by the Bylaws of the GPU, this group of individuals claims to have changed the decision making model of the party, and also claims to have "purged" 6 members of the party that expressed strong support for Grassroots Democracy.
Using methods outside the bounds established by the Bylaws of the Green Party of Utah, a group of conspirators are claiming to have "purged" staunch supporters of Grassroots Democracy from the party, to remove resistance to turning the Green Party of Utah into a clone of the other two parties.

Read the entire article, comlete with images of the documents generated by this group on Utah Indy!

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homepage: homepage: http://www.utah.indymedia.org/news/2003/02/3864.php

it happened in virginia 12.Feb.2003 10:45


in virginia, staunch right-wingers took over the state green party. the bylaws allowed these right-wingers to constantly block any momentum in the consensus process. they were allow to attend the meetings due to a bylaw that gives people the right to become an at-large member if a local doesn't exist in their jurisdiction or the local does not accept them as a representative of their local.

what happen? the virginia green party had their annual election for officers. these elections go by vote tallies. the right-wingers came in large caravans and out-number the progressive greens, winning the office positions.