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imperialism & war

Amazing new proof that should rally support!

What will they come up with next?
Amazing how just when support for an attack on Iraq gains more opposition, suddenly there is a "new" statement from the first "Evil" that supposedly "just surfaced." How many more Americans will back-up a swift invasion this week with this "proof" than last week with heightend terror alerts? What will the trick be next week to scare and terroize Americans into support for war? List them below.
any bets? 11.Feb.2003 23:37


i just have to take this up because they've been so OBVIOUS up til now i've been thinking, why didn't i think of that....

so, here's my guess:

they take into custody an iraqi, possibly with (whatever saddam's party is) party connections, who is allegedly an al quaida operative.

oh oh oh AND

they discover this alleged operative through using their increased homeland security unconstitutional surveillance. so not only will america want to bash iraq, we'll be grateful our rights had been taken away.

agreeing.... 12.Feb.2003 00:50


You're absolutely right. The government uses scare tactics to get people to rally behind wars (by creating hatred), or to at least be complacent. For so many years they played up the family values, while at the same time demonizing the mythical drug dealer/user who preys on every parent's child, feeding them horribly addicting chemicals. But the drug war has been exposed as a big hoax against the people, and more people are realizing it. The oil wars in the middle east naturally created the tension that was needed to sell the public on a new demon that we should be having nightmares about, first Osama bin Laden, and now the old villian of yesteryear, Saddam Hussein. It's just a shame that most people trust the mass media so much that they never question it enough to realize that it is propaganda.

The Sky Is Falling 12.Feb.2003 16:37


Speaking of Bin Laden.... I just saw a headline saying that on a "new" tape he is planning on becoming a martyr. It's amazing the timing on these tapes. I am wondering if the next one has him and Saddam singing a duet on destroying the Great American Satan. Anyway, I can only imagine how the Feds could use this martyr business to scare the hell out of the population. Perhaps a nice dirty bomb or smallpox attack (or both) will suddenly happen in a major city. (I'm figuring LA this time.)
Why oh why would a media hog like bin Laden suddenly start making audio tapes? Funny how that started happening after that poor quality video of him and a bunch of cronies sitting around laughing about 9/11 hit the air. You'd think if he escaped from Tora Bora as we're supposed to believe and was wounded, he'd be mighty proud to show off any war wounds inflicted on him by the infidel.
Where is that swiss audio expert when you need him?
PS Everyone go out and buy plastic sheeting and duct tape. It's sure to save your life. Blah..