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PCC-Sylvania Student Senate Endorses Walk-Out

The PCC-Sylvania Student Senate endorsed plans for a mass student walk-out the day war officially begins in Iraq.
Northwest Campus Peace Coalition
Contact: Tom Mooney
Ph: (503)-892-8777

PCC-Sylvania Student Senate Endorses Walk-Out

February 7, 2003
The Northwest Campus Peace Coalition announces today that the Student Senate of Portland Community College, Sylvania has endorsed the student walk-out. At Tuesday evening's session, the Senate voted in favor of resolution in support of the walk-out. The resolution reads as follows:
"While we support our troops overseas, we cannot support our government's decision to begin war with Iraq." Senators stressed the effects of war on students and youth, on all sides of the conflict. Luiz Sujbrack, The Senate's Director of Legislation, said, "I'm against preemptive war because of the heavy toll it exacts on the most vulnerable of society, namely children and the elderly who are never directly involved anyway."
The NWCPC hails the passage of this resolution as proof that the walk-out has broad-based support among students and that opposition to unjust, immoral and unprovoked wars is growing with each day.
"The forces of war and injustice must know that America's youth will not stand for unilateral, preemptive war against a nation already ravaged by more than a decade of bloodshed and sanctions. The PCC-Sylvania Student Senate has reinforced this message and we applaud their action." Says, Justin Elder, an NWCPC organizer at PCC Sylvania.

phone: phone: (503)892-8777

Cascade Campus 13.Feb.2003 13:26

Jennifer Stanley amethystrainbow@hotmail.com

I am fully behind the walk out at the Sylvania campus. My question is: What about other campuses are there any actions being organized? I am a student at the cascade campus please contact me to let me know. Thank you, Peace

2121 N. Kilpatrick st.

Where were the protesters when... 06.Mar.2003 01:04

John Yett

Where were the anti-war protesters when Clinton was talking tough on Iraq? When he sent cruse missiles into Bagdad on a nightly basis? When he sent us to Kosovo without a UN resolution? This movement is a joke when it talks about being anti-war. The truth is that they are just anti-bush but for some reason don't want to say it. They are quick to try and compare Bush to Hitler but when it comes to Saddam they have nothing to say. As if he is a great guy and his country is having problems because of unjust UN Sanctions. These protestors are living in the 60s and 70s. We were attacked right here at home and don't for a minute think that Iraq is not helping these terrorists. They may well indeed hate each other but when there is a common enemy sometimes alliances form. The U.S. and Communist Russia back in WWII comes to mind. Needless to say I am not going to walk out when the war starts and throw away my tuition. I am going to stay in class and learn. That is something I wish many protestors would do, learn that is.