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Portland Patriot Receives Federal Prison Time

Local woman recieves harsh sentence for School of the Americas opposition.
From UK Indymedia:

Ann Huntwork* (1/28), 71, Portland, OR - 6 months in federal prison (self-report)

Full story:  http://uk.indymedia.org/front.php3?article_id=53329&group=webcast
Airborne 11.Feb.2003 22:48


If any of y'all would like to see Ft. Benning from the inside, enlist in the army as an 11B infantry, with Airborn training in your contract. You will go to basic training at Ft. Benning, and do your airborn training there.

Trespassing onto US Military property is not going to change the fact that the US Military trains people to kill other people there. Sorry.

Standing Up To Terrorist Trainers... 11.Feb.2003 23:12

Pull Your Head Out, If You Can

...will work, because dimwitted military cowards make so many mistakes, and are unable/unwilling to think for themselves. If you want too support fascist paramilitary death squads, why not become a South American mercinary?