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Active Trader Alert: Preparing for the first strike.
Date: February 8, 2003
Time: 9:01 a.m.
Dear Investor,

Want a great shot at adding an extra 5% per month to your trading portfolio? Plus, a chance to bag some big trading profits in the coming weeks? We're doing that right now in my ChangeWave ProTrader service. More importantly, it's never been more critical for you to be with us as it is today.

With the bombs expected to drop in Baghdad any day now I expect an incredible opportunity for our ProTrader subscribers during the first day of the invasion. And we are planning accordingly.

While no one knows what day it will begin, or how the markets will react, one thing seems certain, it will begin sooner not later. Very soon. That's why I want you to be there with us as soon as possible.

The best thing about ProTrader is that there are NO restrictions on HOW we can profit. We can go long or short. Buy any size stock. Even trade options. What's more, it gives you a great opportunity to keep at least one part of your portfolio working for you at all times.

We just closed out five trades on February 4th taking advantage of the huge volatility that day gave us. None of them were home runs and that is just fine in today's market. But just imagine what adding some small profitable trades like these can make to your portfolio over the course of a year.

Options Profit Captured in ====================================================================
SCHL Feb. 40 Put +14.29% thirteen days NVLS Feb. 32.50 Put +13.51% two days AZN Feb. 40 Put + 7.94% one day BEAS Feb. 15 Put + 5.88% ten days KLAC Feb. 35 Put + 2.86% three days

Another great thing about this service is that it allows you to take aggressive positions--doubling up on both the option and the stock--in reliable companies and take your profits in just a few trading days.

While not every trade is a winner--we've had our share of losers this year as well--we give you a great chance to make some extra profits every trading day. Just think what adding a few extra percentage points like these to the gains you already have in your Ballast Growth and Income investments could do for your portfolio.

So if you have the desire to run your short-term money like a professional hedge fund manager-AND to try and bag some nice trading profits in the coming weeks-the ChangeWave ProTrader may be right for you.

Your ProTrader service includes:

* Daily Pre-Market Action Bulletin via e-mail every morning * Intra Day Trading Alerts sent to any e-mail device (up to three) * Weekly Trader Talk via e-mail every Monday morning. * Exclusive access to the ChangeWave ProTrader website * Two FREE special bonus reports * A 100%, no questions asked, money-back guarantee

Here is your chance to trade right along side me as we swing trade just a handful of stocks at a time. If you are tired of watching 300 stocks every day and are looking for a simpler approach to trading, give my ChangeWave ProTrader service a try.

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Bryan Perry Stocks Editor ChangeWave ProTrader

P.S. Taking a look at the political action of this past week, The time to act is now. It's critical for you to position ourselves ahead of the news that the bombs have started dropping. If you hear the news on CNN first, it'll be too late. Don't miss out. You can profit now! Join today for a three-month completely risk-free trial all backed with our 100% money-back guarantee. Don't wait another minute. Go now to:

Barkeley Financial commercials on CNBC 12.Feb.2003 03:33

i saw it

i was watching the Tony Award winning news coverage on CNBC one day and a commercial for some Barkeley Financial something-orather came on. it talked about how to get make money off of oil market investment..oh, it also made mention of the current Middle-East conflict.

sorry this is vague but TV has rotted my damn brain out.

(does the C in CNBC stand for Corporate?)