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See the Vagina Monologues - this Friday!

Kick-ass performance of the Vagina Monologues, benefitting Birthingway and Bradley-Angle House, this Friday.
Last Friday I attended an incredible performance of Eve Ensler's play, the Vagina Monologues. The play was acted and produced by students at Birthingway College of Midwifery, as a benefit for their school and also for the Bradley Angle House, a domestic abuse shelter for women and children. Tickets are $15, which is steep for many (including myself), but well worth it!

I had read the play before but never seen it performed - and I was really blown away. Ensler interviewed hundreds of women about their vaginas, and the resulting monologues offer a wide range of perspectives from women of various ages, ethnicities, backgrounds, sexual orientations, etc. Some of the pieces are hilarious, like the one with the lawyer-turned-sexworker imitating the many styles of women's moaning. Others are devastating, like the Bosnian woman describing her vagina before and after being raped and tortured by soldiers. Overall, the play was thought-provoking, moving, powerful and inspiring.

There will be a second performance this Friday, February 14, at 7:00 pm. Yes, that's right, on Valentine's Day. Forget the schmaltzy, capitalism-boosting bullshit of this Hallmark holiday and celebrate it by reveling in the magical mysteries of the Vagina - and by supporting two great endeavors. The play is at the Multnomah Arts Center (7688 SW Capitol Highway in Multnomah Village), and you can call 503-263-1845 or email  birthing@teleport.com for tickets and/or more info.
let's start our own monologues right here 11.Feb.2003 17:48


I learned at a very early age (pre-pubescent)that my vagina could remove me from the world in a way that nothing else could. I found that it was the one thing in my life that offered me pleasure, as compared to my rather unhappy and crazy home life. So, happily, we became best friends, my vagina and me!

As I got older (early adolescent years) I learned that boys were also quite interested in my vagina, moreso than they were interested in me, however. While I connected my vagina, my best friend, to an entity of love, they (the boys) were only interested in connected it to the end of their penis, until they got off, that is.

My first experience with a boy and my vagina was in a cabbage patch, and thankfully, it did not produce a "cabbage patch doll". In fact, I don't really think that anything significant happened, except my sense of feeling used by this virtual stranger who was probably much older than my young 13 years. Mostly, I just wanted to see what it was all about.

My first real experience was with my boyfriend; I was 14, he 15. I was crazy about him, sneaking out my two story bedroom window a few times to steal away into the night with him.

The experience between my vagina and his penis hurt like hell (which made me know for sure that nothing really happened that night in the cabbage patch) and I could not for the life of me figure why everyone made such a big deal about this sex thing, although my boyfriend seemed to be enjoying himself with my best friend, my vagina.

A little later in my teen years, now 16, I stole away from a celebration party that I was at with my parents and a friend of mine, into a dark, dank shed with a boy that I thought was sooo cute. By this point, I had a different idea of sex, and man, did it feel good. As plain as it happened yesterday, I recall the mixture of pleasure and pain that I felt as I kept asking this boy, while we were wildly fucking, if he loved me (I really wanted to make him my boyfriend) I later learned that boys are good at saying those three magic words in the midst of copulation, but later, as I found out in this case, have zero recollection of saying them.

I'm a bit older and hopefully a bit wiser now. My vagina is still my best friend, and as such we are more careful about who we invite home ;) But the bottom line is that I know that I don't need a man, nor another woman, to make my vagina happy. Just like when I was a young girl, I can do it all by myself...

passageway 11.Feb.2003 20:13


i birthed beauty-full babies through my vagina

Hey BA! 11.Feb.2003 20:33


What do you like to do with your vagina?

Vaginalove 12.Feb.2003 14:57


Thanks for your thought provoking essay, self sufficient. It is true that real love of a person is not the same as vaginal love. That is just one means of expressing love, but it can also be a means for expressing nothing, such as rape, detached love making et al. It is good to be self sufficient, but it is also really nice to have another person in which to share all your wonders, especially if that person is in touch with more than themselves.

MY VAGINA, I LOVE YOU!!! 12.Feb.2003 15:56

lori redredlori@yahoo.com

Im so glad to see women discussing our lovely felshy jewels. I know of so many women who still refer to thier vula's as "down there" I only recently (at 21) came to love the hell outta my beautiful vagina!! LIke many others I had been taught that my vagina was diry and smelly and should be covered with vineger douches and the blood comeing from it should be hidden. Then, thank Goddess, some one handed me both the vagina monoluges and Cunt. I read throguth them so fast laughing and crying becuase I found out that hating my pussy had made me hate myself. NOw I love them both, my vagina and myself. I certianly advise everyone to grab a mirror and check your pussy out. Its a really cool thing with all the folds and juices! I make a point to love my vagina everyday and cant wait until I can pass babies through it. Love to all those who have a vagina and those who love one too. In ending I prupose the same questions that Eve E. did in her monolouges:

What would you vagina wear?
something silky and RED!

What does your vagina smell like?
meat and milk

What would you vagina say?
oohh..to the right and around one more time.

love them vaginas women

answers 12.Feb.2003 17:12

i've got a vagina

my vagina would wear nothing! the feel of the warm sun bathing my vagina is like nothing i've ever experienced - you gotta try it if you haven't. and not wearing panties with dresses is the greatest feeling of freedom - ahhhh...

my vagina smells like an exotic wildflower

my vagina says "i am beautiful!"

I swear to christ 13.Feb.2003 02:51


I'm going to write a multi-volume epic poem about my penis just so y'all can appreciate what it's like having this shit shoved in your face every few months, (not that this article did that, but I'm on a college campus, so i expect I'll very soon be unable to avoid materiel promoting this little exclusionary self-love-fest) but to each his or her own.