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imperialism & war

Support France, Germany, Belgium, China, Russia

Here is a great link with comprehensive information on foreign embassies in the US.

Support France, Germany, Belgium, China, Russia
Support France, Germany, Belgium, China, Russia
Why not let them know whether (or not?) you support their opposition to an aggresive US attack on Iraq?
Fuck Europe 11.Feb.2003 22:09


Support China, fuck off. Free Tibet.

Support Russia, fuck off. Their environment is even more fucked up than the US.

Support France, hell no, let them eat their cheese and drink their whine!

Germany? Homeland of fascism.

Belgium, sorry, I can do without your chocolotes.

Fuck Europe.

FUCK AMERICA 12.Feb.2003 02:14


Its America (and your sadistic hencmen like England) that need to fuck the hell off.

Fuck America--and your fat cheeseburger sniffing asses.

Fuck America--and all your pious child-molesting Christian preachers.

Fuck America--and your lying 24 hour Propaganda news which you try to portray as a "Free Press."

Fuck America--and your blood stained lies about "Democracy and Freedom."

Fuck America--and your fascist "We're Number One" Patriotism. You are Number One perhaps in Evil only.

Fuck America and your flag, for which it stands. One Empire, under God. With Lies and Oppression for all.

Free Hawaii. Free Aztlan. And Free all the Native american nations whose land America stole, rapes, and currenty occupies today.