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The war of an old wise man !

This is my war
The war of an old wise man !
The war of an old wise man !
This is my war, I aim him and I will execute him - my commanding officers can sing a song about and the couple of thousand GI's will perish near by on dust of our depleted uranium will keep silent like the 8000 contaminated Gulf veterans because they die off inconspicuously and very slow. So we will score not more than 150 killed american Soldiers officially like 1991. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a brute but they are only mercenaries trained to kill and to die patriotic and any of them knows that war may be deadly no matter how.
Anything else? Yes, I promise that any shit country which resist our plans will penalized with sanctions and the Krauts are the next. We need not partner we need willing ones.

Your secretary of warfare!

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