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Eugene Peace Rally: Feb 15

Portland activists, come on down to Eugene this Saturday. Good times for all! We'll have plenty of action for everyone, but nothing that few thousand friendly bodies can't help us with.
>This Saturday, February 15th, is the big " We The
> People" Peace Rally at the Federal Building at 1:00pm. Speakers
> include: Peter DeFazio, Mary O'Brien, Rev. John Pitney, Gordon Lafer,
> Carmen Urbina, Quinn Wilhelmi, and Gretchen Miller. Bahati Ansari
> will be the MC.
> This is a very important event. It is part of an international call
> to action with rallies in Europe and America (Chicago, NY, SF on the
> 16th, and many others) There is also a peace march beginning at the
> EMU (student union) and arriving at the Rally at the Federal
> Building. The Gathering for the march is at 11:00am and the march
> begins at 11:45am. The EMU is located at the corner of 13th and
> University St. on the U of O campus. the march is organized by U of O
> Students for Peace. Please plan to attend the rally, march, or both.
> Please pass this message to everyone you can think of, and tell all!
> of your friends-- even those not on the internet.
> Thank You!
> Speaking out is the most patriotic thing you can do!
> Together we can stop this war.