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IMCs being tested for ATTACK by...

...Jerry Falwell!
Bush Admirer for Internet Czar in 2069! 1 x 60 = The Devil is doing it!!
*  http://www.111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111.com/

(pdx imc is off the hizzook, fo shizo! Bush Jockstrap be gettin' responses like a muhfuh and don' e'em be sayin' nutin'! das why i don't e'em bothuh 'spondin' to dose dump psy-ops...dey demonic anyway--dey need Jerry Falwell)

*this site makes a serious political statement so don't forget to smile while viewing it

(this will be my last cheesy post folks---resistance is fertile because it makes more sense than just being a fucktard and going along with the program, IMO)

(the above was typed by the coolest guy on imc)

(the above was typed by some idiot)