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PDX Feb. 15 North Park Blocks AntiWar Rally!

Noon Feb. 15 PDX AntiWar Rally
in the North Park Blocks!
PDX Feb. 15 North Park Blocks AntiWar Rally!
PDX Feb. 15 North Park Blocks AntiWar Rally!
Join the Noon Feb. 15
Portland AntiWar Rally in
the North Park Blocks!

We don't have professional speakers, official sponsors, parade permits, or funded organizations.

Just a deep abiding respect for human life and social justice worldwide.

"But in a grim sign of America's intentions, as many as 100,000 body bags and 6,000 coffins were reported to have been secretly delivered to a US military base in Italy as President Bush became even more determined on war."
The (London) Mirror, Feb. 10, 2002

You know those body bags are mostly not intended for the US military. They're for the innocent Iraqi civilians Bush and his henchmen will soon kill. Pretty soon the world will be comparing 2003 Americans with 1935 Germans in not preventing a rush to insane warfare.

How do you want to be remembered?
Tactical Mutes 28.Feb.2003 00:59


In the face of overwhelming media misrepresentation annd social engineering I can only see one effective means of resistance. Indivdual day to day direct and overt defiance.
I.E. Walking around wearing home made pro-peace propaghanda, T-shirts and cars painted with parodies and messages that ridicule bush and his cronies and make a mockery of what they represent.
We need to live our lives and day to day do something every day to make active moves towards peace. Live theatre on busses and downtown, hanging banners from bridges and overpasses, photocopying flyers and posting them up in our neighborhoods and putting those signs for people running for office in our front yards as well as alternative flags.
Just a few tactics for those of us who feel muted and maligned. We just need to live loud and free and love and the mockery that their laws and ordinances really are will backfire on them.

I learned of revolutions from planets,