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Feb. 15th Day of Action in Eugene

RALLY AGAINST THE WAR ON IRAQ on February 15th, a Day of Action in towns &
cities all over this country and all over the world.
U of O's Students for Peace marching from the University of Oregon's EMU amphitheater beginning at 11AM, everyone is welcome! The MARCH will head downtown by 11:45.

Rally at the Federal Bldg, at 7th and Pearl Streets in Eugene at 1 PM.
Speakers include Representative Peter DeFazio, Gordon Lafer, Mary O'Brien,
Carmen Urbina, Gretchen Miller, Quinn Wilhelmi, the Rev John Pitney, Jim
Cook and others. Bahati Ansari will MC. Various local peace groups will
present ways to get involved and actions to take.

We will protest this government's onslaught against our American values of
peace, civil liberties, the meeting of human needs, environmental
protection, economic equity all in the name of fighting the "war on
terrorism". We will protest the rush to war on Iraq and the policies of the
Bush government that lie behind that rush. We will raise our voices for
peace and justice everywhere.

For more information on the march, call 541.346.4356
For more information on the rally, call 541.485.1755