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February 15 in Portland!

International Day of Action
Saturday, February 15 and all weekend
Saturday, February 15 is an international day of action against war on Iraq. There will be activities all over the world and in many northwest neighborhoods.
Organize with your neighbors and let us know about your event:  events@nwpeace.org.

Check www.nwpeace.org for updates. Also see www.rdrop.com/~pjw/feb15.html.

Friday, February 14
8 to 9 am
Peace presence on Portland bridges

In celebration of the International Day of Action: Become a Peace Elf! People opposing the war in Iraq will hold signs advocating peace on the Burnside, Morrison, and Hawthorne Bridges. Show up at any of these three bridges. Make your own sign for peace, or use one of ours!
Contact:  bridge_elphing@yahoo.com or leave message at 503 450 9922

Weekly Vigil for Peace
SW Morrison and 6th
Women in Black
Contact: Yvonne Simmons 503 288 8958 www.newconnexion.net/info/wib

5 pm
Weekly Friday Rally
Pioneer Courthouse Square, SW Broadway and Yamhill
Portland Peaceful Response Coalition
503 471 1535  pprc@PortlandPeacefulResponse.org portlandpeacefulresponse.org

Saturday, February 15

10 am to 1 pm
Brainstorm and Discussion: How the anti-war community can unite to prevent George W Bush from being re-elected.
Southeast Uplift, 3534 SE Main

The Portland Metro Chapter of the Pacific Green Party invites Portland area peace activists to a non-partisan brainstorm and discussion on how the anti-war community can unite to prevent George W Bush from being re-elected (or rather, from being officially elected for the first time). We hope this discussion will be a catalyst for future conversations about activities on which Greens, Democrats, anarchists, independents, Socialists, and others can work together toward a common goal. Despite the differences in ideology and tactics among these different groups, we believe that a common thread is the recognition that the Bush Administration is the key to the dramatic increase in American militarization and attacks on civil liberties, and that Bush must therefore be removed from office as soon as possible.
The goal of the brainstorming and discussion will be to develop strategies that appeal to people regardless of their political affiliation (unless they're conservative Republicans). It's also hoped that initiating this conversation now could reduce some of the traditional in-fighting that develops among progressive groups, which often serves to give more power to people like George Bush. Potential examples of strategies include an organized boycott against corporate sponsors of Bush, particularly in the Portland area, and/or a well-coordinated display of non-violent civil disobedience to greet Mr Bush when he comes here during the 2004 campaign. More ideas and discussion are very welcome!
If you have any questions or suggestions regarding this event, please contact Jeff Cropp at  jcropp@runbox.com or 503 753 6896. www.pdxgreens.org

1 to 3 pm
Women's Role in Creating Peace: SGI Community Center Annual Women's Meeting
1805 SE Ankeny
Peace groups will table and make brief presentations.
Soka Gakkai International is a Buddhist group whose mission is to create world peace. www.sgi-usa.org

2 to 4 pm
A Magical Ritual For Peace
Colonel Summers Park Pavilion, SE Taylor between 18th and 20th
Coordinated by the Magical Activism Cluster of Portland Reclaiming and SisterSpirit. www.portlandreclaiming.org

3 to 3:30 pm
Silent Prayer for Peace
Saint Philip Neri Catholic Church, SE Division and 18th
Saint Philip Neri Catholic Church will hold a Silent Prayer for Peace on February 15th in front of the main parish doors. www.paulist.org/portland/

3:30 to 8 pm
Music, Words, and Poetry for Peace
Saint Andrews Church, NE 8th and Alberta
Saint Andrews Church, Women in Black, Women's International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF), Peace and Justice Works
Come promote a peaceful culture and celebrate Susan B Anthony's birthday.
Contact: Women in Black (Yvonne) 503 288 8958. www.newconnexion.net/info/wib

4 to 6 pm
Puppet Making and art for peace followed by vigil with prayer
Willamette United Methodist Church, 1683 Willamette Falls Drive, West Linn
Peace puppet making workshop and art for peace for all ages from 4 to 5 pm
Peace vigil with prayer from 5 to 6 pm
Contact: Gabrielle Chavez
Christ the Healer United Church of Christ 503 650 4447
5:30 to 7 pm
Presentation: Cries from Iraq: Effects of Sanctions and US Invasion
Marylhurst University, 17600 Pacific Highway (Hwy 43), Clark Commons (main cafeteria)
Dan Handelman, a Portland activist who visited Iraq in 2002 and 1997 with Voices in the Wilderness, will speak and present a video from his recent trip to Iraq.
Sponsors: Marylhurst Student Action Council, and the African Community Language and Culture Bank
Contact: Kayse Jama, 503-890-1896,  aclcb@yahoo.com

7 pm
Peace Park Rededication
SW Park Blocks
Peace Park Faith Community coordination
Contact: Desiree Hellegers 503 449 3048

7 pm
Health Effects of War & the Alternatives to the War on Terrorism
Guest speaker: Steve Goldberg JD
First Unitarian Church, SW Main and 12th
Presentation: Health Effects of War & the Alternatives to the War on Terrorism. Mr Goldberg will answer questions regarding international law and the role of the UN.
Oregon Physicians for Social Responsibility: 503 274 2720 www.oregonpsr.org

7:30 pm
Peace and Free Speech benefit performance with Dr Atomics
Echo Theatre, 1515 SE 37th and Hawthorne
Contact: Melanie Zermer,  melbelle@open.or

8 pm
Candlelight vigil
Alberta Park, NE Killingsworth and 20th (exact location TBA)
Portland Peaceful Response Coalition, 503 471 1535 portlandpeacefulrespoonse.org

9 pm
Candlelight Peace Vigil
Laurelwood Park SE Foster and Holgate
We will have 20 minutes of silence, then songs, kirtan and poetry for open-hearted peace. Bring candles and join us in this sometimes overlooked Portland neighborhood. And please help spread the word. It would be great to fill this little park out on SE Foster with candles for peace!
Betsy Toll
Living Earth: Gatherings for Deep Change
503-788-7311 www.LivingEarthGatherings.org

All weekend
Peace valentines

Love Makes A Family - hopefully joined by members of Lesbian Community Project and Brother to Brother - will be distributing Peace valentines throughout the weekend of Feb 15-16.
Love Makes A Family, Inc. 503 228 3892 www.lmfamily.org


9:30 am to 12 pm
Bannering for peace
Marshall Community Center parking lot, 1009 E McLoughlin
Vancouver people will be bannering at different locations in the city from 10-12 on the 15th. Gather at Marshall Community Center parking lot 9:30 am. We'll form groups, pick a place, take signs and banners to an intersection and smile. It's fun! Over at Noon. www.distanceeddesign.com/vanpeace/

1 to 3 pm
Rally and party
Luepke Senior Center 1009 E McLoughlin
We will all come together from 1 to 3 pm for an indoor event at the Luepke Center, where we will have a couple of speakers, including State Representative Jim Moeller, and several music groups. Cookies and juice will be available.


1:30 pm
Unite for Peace, March and Rally
State Capitol
March: 1:30 pm State Capitol Salem
Rally: 2:45 pm Jackson Plaza Willamette University
Rep. Peter DeFazio (invited), Rev. Charlie Wallace, Mala Spotted Eagle, Annie Bither-Terry, Bill Smaldone, Linda Klinge, Anna Braun, Jim Cook, & others
Endorsed by:
Oregon PeaceWorks, Willamette Students for Peace and Justice, Mano a Mano, Women in Black, Physicians for Social Responsibility, Unitarian Social Action Committee, Fellowship of Reconciliation, Marion-Polk Green Party, CAUSA (Oregon Immigrant Rights Coalition), National Organization for Women, American Society of Friends
Yaney LA MacIver, Program Director, Oregon PeaceWorks
503 585 2767,  yaneyla@oregonpeaceworks.org home.teleport.com/~opw/,


1 pm
"We the People" Rally
Federal Building
Representative Peter DeFazio, Mary O'Brien, Gordon Lafer, Carmen Urbina, Gretchen Miller, Quinn Wilhelmi, Reverend John Pitney, and Bahati Ansari will be the MC
Coordinated by: Progressive Responses, a program of CALC.
Cosponsors include: WAND, Faith in Action, Eugene PeaceWorks, ESSN, Eugene Middle East Peace Group, CISCAP Peace Works, Teachers Against War, Students for Peace, PAC Alliance, Concerned Faculty for Peace and Justice, Many Rivers Group of the Sierra Club, Physicians for Social Responsibility, Friendly Area Neighbors, OPEU Local 085



Sunday, February 16


1 pm
Bike parade
Ladd Circle
Portland Students for Peace and Justice
Support ALL of Our Students: Fund Schools, Not War
Meet on bikes at Ladd Circle (SE Portland) at 1 pm with colorful signs and banners and bike through southeast Portland (Division, Hawthorne, Belmont) then on to a rally at 2:30 pm at a site to be determined, probably the INS or federal building .

2 pm
Walking vigil meditation
Laurelhurst Park
Buddhist Peace Fellowship will hold a walking meditation vigil in Laurelhurst Park, with an optional sitting meditation vigil.

4 to 6 pm
Friends (Quakers) Worship Sharing Group and Potluck
Bridge City, Reedwood, and Multnomah Monthly Meeting
Details TBA

Send us your event!  events@nwpeace.org

homepage: homepage: http://www.nwpeace.org
phone: phone: 503-450-9922

This si great 12.Feb.2003 08:40


This is a great opportunity for all of us to create actions that suit our own flavor of opposition to Bush-fire war while neither stumbling over each other nor seeming isolated and whimpy. There is room for everyone to exert the full power of their creativity. The more actions the better!

Fund Schools, Not War bike rally update 12.Feb.2003 16:12



1:00 PM Portland Students for Peace and Justice Event
Support ALL of Our Students: Fund Schools, Not War
Meet on bikes at Ladd Circle (SE Portland) at 1 pm with colorful signs and banners and bike through southeast Portland (Division, Hawthorne, Belmont) then cross the river on Burnside, bike to a rally at 3 pm at PSU ROTC, SW 6th and Montgomery, PSU campus.
Foot March starting at Ladd Circle at 1:00 will go north on Grand to Burnside, cross the river, and move south to PSU.


MAYBE NEXT...? 12.Feb.2003 16:42

WALLY MARTSUCHS johnra_2000@yahoo.com

great another rally! on a weekend...with a permit...on closed streets...along pre-approved routes...exersizing our right to assembly(only with a permit, when it's convenient for the government?)... it's just kinda' getting disapointing. when is this noise going to be heard? we keep having big choir practices. that's a good thing. part of the point of going out there and marching is to do another good thing: makin' a damn big comotion for everyone, inside and outside the church, to hear the choir!! we're out there, havin' a glorious procession through the streets. " hello! we feel so much conviction in our beliefs, and feel those beliefs are so linked to everyone else that we are out on the streets of the world to wave big signs and shout in the streets, risking getting beat up or arrested or both, to tell everyone else about it! we are extrememly serious. this is not happening because it's just a neat thing to do with our time!" relying on the media to send our message has been a part of our problem. that's another part of why we're out there: to get the job done ourselves. "if you want it done right..." how about marching on wal-marts, around police stations, local armouries, recruiting offices, suburban neighborhoods, malls, schools, shopping centers, local outdoor public/town/city events, churhes, theatre nights, film fests, sporting events( the super bowl woulda' been hot! ), john tesh & kathy-lee gifford concerts, any thing live and televised, like those college students rushing the stage of that mtv thing. marching on vacant streets lacks pupose for me a bit. yet, it's sort of the only collective game in town right now. and besides...we've all...got to go to work,...anyway...