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Enought already!

Exactly what do you think you're accomplishing with this drivel?
Is it possible for anything to be posted here that doesn't harange against the coming Iraq war, for animal rights, anti-racism, environmental stuff...ad infinitum and ad nauseaum? What's with you people....do you actually believe repeating this stuff until it bores the shit out of everybody is going to change the world? Actually, since this site got going things have gotten worse, haven't they? So if you're looking for proof, if anything you're making things worse with your endless repetitive lobotomized-prose nagging, your oceans of cant, sloganeering, substitute for thought or creative ideas...
Are you talking to yourselves? What are you accomplishing? Jeeez!
take deep breaths 11.Feb.2003 08:32


apparently it's caught your attention though...

Okay, so is there a problem? 11.Feb.2003 08:46


You have a point. People here are only preaching to the choir, or right wing visitors. However, it is a discussion board and intereting feature do come up, and it is good to hear what others have to say. Not all of it is in monotone. There is a divergence of opinion, even it the topics fall frequently in the categories you listed. Those happen to be the major issues of concern and people need an outlet to disscuss their frustration with things such as the ridiculous war on Iraq. And who's to say there's been no impact? Also, go to the right wing talkng heads and web sites, all they do is talk about the same thing over and over again. Rush Limbaugh made a career dissing Clinton, (not that he did not deserve some of that criticism), but when the left wants to criticize Bush (and he has a lot of shit on his watch, it's somehow not justified.

misdirected attack 11.Feb.2003 08:52


The person who wrote in about how tired they are of hearing about the same old issues (mostly Iraq) has obviously sent that message to the wrong place. They couldn't have meant to accuse people on the PDX Indy Media site of beating a dead horse. Those comments must have been intended for the Mass Media like CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC, Fox, and others for using repetative news reporting that focuses only on Iraq and trying to rally Americans behind a senseless war and to gleefully send their sons and daughters off to the battlefield to be heros. It is the Mass Media that overemphasizes those stories, not independent media.

Uncle Heshie crys 11.Feb.2003 08:57

Bush Admirer

You know uncle, things have really got'n since you know who was appointed you know what.

To date we have, under the watchful eyes of my leader, suffered thegreatest military defeat, crushed the economy, rmoved the burden of civil liberties and freed the dogs of war to work publicly all over the world.