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Are you a retard? Find out! Take this quiz

Check out your own intelligence level. Here's a quick and accurate test that will give you the answers.
Here's a quick IQ test:

1. Who's the brighter and more accurate observer?:
a. Ann Coulter
b. Ramsey Clark
c. Noam Chomsky

2. Who's the bigger threat to world peace
a. Saddam Hussein
b. George W. Bush
c. Ariel Sharon

3. Which of the following would likely be stripped of their US Citizenship if the new extensions to the Patriot act become law?

a. Amy Goodman
b. Jesse Jackson
c. Michael Jackson
d. Sheepdog

4. Capitalism is:
a. The reason we enjoy the highest standard of living in world history.
b. The root of all evil
c. The method used by the greedy rich to keep most of us under their thumb.

Score your own results:

1 - If you answered (a) on every question, then you are very bright indeed. IQ = 140 plus

2 - If you answered (a) on 3 out of 4 then you are above average intelligence. IQ = 100 plus

3 - If you answered (a) on 2 out of 4 then you are below average. IQ = 80 plus

4. If you answered (a) on one out of 4 then you are a borderline idiot. IQ = 60 plus

5. If you answered (a) on zero out of 4 then you are a retard. Check yourself into the nearest dog pound.
The Big Lie 10.Feb.2003 19:00


If you tell a lie, make it big. The bigger the better. Keep it simple, but keep repeating it over and over and over.

Pretty soon they'll believe it.

Well done B.A.

Der Ubergroupen Fuhrer will be pleased.

Hey, you want to hear a good quote? 11.Feb.2003 21:14


This is what the monkeyboy said:
"-I was an engineering officer Sheep molester.-"
I can't find Sheep molesting in the MOS chart.