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Who you gonna call

Who you gonna call
Who you gonna call
Who can I call? 10.Feb.2003 21:42


I could call...

Earth First! But they would need an activist conference, a consensus meeting, and a fishbowl before they did anything, but first they would need to steal the rope from REI.

Greenpeace! But they would need to canvas, make a budget, have a schism, and then decide it was not on their agenda.

ELF! But they would need to consult their former spokesperson on the dialectic of direct action, then would remember that they are too young to drive, and they have school tomorrow.

ALF! Same as above. "is gasoline vegan?"

My Congressperson! But they are two busy going to garden parties, trying to win the votes of the rich to be re-elected.

Food Not Bombs! But they are too busy collecting the food to feed my dumb ass to do anything else!

old europe 11.Feb.2003 01:05

you gotta love it

lets call France, germany, or maybe russia.Did you see rummy's body language when the german foreign minister told rumsfeld that he was peddling lame excuses for an invasion of Iraq?I thought his fucking eyes were gonna start spinning around in his head. I guess when you have an educated public and the media does the job of reporting the whole truth its a little easier for a democracy to function properly.