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The Biggest Protest in the World?

Hey, it seems that all over the world, people are going to be making noise on Feb 15th... even California! Eugene and Salem are having events, but not a peep out of portland. is anyone doing anything?
Oregon Events

Events On 02-15-03

Eugene, Oregon: We, The People
Saturday, February 15th 2003 1:00 pm
RALLY against the Bush Administration agenda...
RALLY for a People's Agenda of
*Quality Education
*Living wages
*Universal health care
*Civil liberties
*Workers' rights
*Economic equity
*Environmental protection

We will potest this government's onslaught against all these American values under the guise of "national security" and "fighting terrorism." We will say NOT IN OUR NAME to war on Iraq and NO to militarism, and we will lift our voices FOR domestic and global justice, peace, the preservation of the public sphere, and the meeting of human needs worldwide.

Salem, Oregon: Unite for Peace
Saturday, February 15th 2003 1:30 p.m.
We will march from the steps of the State Capitol Building through downtown Salem to Jackson Plaza on the Willamette University Campus, where we will have speakers and musical performances.

homepage: homepage: http://www.unitedforpeace.org/calendar.php?bydate=02-15-03&area=38

more info on Feb 15th 10.Feb.2003 17:28


Re: Urgent, Major Anti-War Protests Update.

Dear Caring friend,

Today, there are two issues here :

1 : Please attend World Campaign on Feb. 15 and
Feb. 16 Anti-War Protests if you can. Please
contact the following groups to make sure the date,
route and transportation first :

The World Says No to War !!! Mass Actions in :
a: New York City on Feb. 15 :
b: San Francisco on Feb. 16

More information on Anti-War Protests :
Find more about the current war news : click :


A civil rights lawyer accused the New York city on Friday
of citing terrorist threats to ban protest marches as he urged a federal judge to permit a parade of anti-war demonstrators at the United Nations next week. The U.S. District Court Judge Barbara Jones listened to testimony and arguments for more than four hours Friday but reserved decision. She indicated she planned to work through the weekend to decide the dispute.



It is urgent to write a letter to Judge Barbara Jones .
are all listed below. It would be more favorable if you can write your own letter. Thanks so much for your urgent efforts for the humanity and world peace. ====================================


Dear Honorable Judge Jones,

We urgently request you to allow for a public march in conjunction with an anti-war demonstration planned for February 15, 2003 at the United Nations.

Based on the fundamental First Amendment Rights, the streets
of New York historically have been available for parades and marches for many causes, especially for the humanity and peace movements in our country.

The New York City routinely issues parade permits for similarly sized or larger marches and parades, including this year's St. PatrickĘs Day Parade on Fifth Avenue, which is scheduled to take place approximately one month after the February 15 event. And on at least three prior occasions, the NYPD allowed huge protest marches to proceed past the United Nations, all of which took place without consequential problems.

Please kindly allow for citizens rights for a public march
in connection with an anti-war protest on February 15, 2003
at the United Nations. Thanks for your kindness and help.

Your Name,
City, State.


1: Contact Judge Barbara Jones,
Click below to write your Complaint letter :
Please address to : Dear Honorable Judge Barbara S. Jones,

2: Please send a Fax and also make an Urgent Call to :

Hon. Barbara S. JONES
United States District Judge

United States Courthouse
40 Centre Street, Room 2103
New York, New York 10007-1581
Tel: (212) 805-6185
Fax: (212) 805-6191


Address to : Dear Mayor Bloomberg ,

City Hall
New York, NY 10007
Tel: (212) 788-9600
Fax: (212) 788-2460
Thanks so much for your help for the Peace and Humanity.

portaldn event 10.Feb.2003 19:00

dj tubesteak

North Park Blocks at noon.

mea culpa and THIS NEWS JUST IN 10.Feb.2003 19:19

never you mind

This respondent was a delegate to Jan18th sponsorship group.
That group recognised that it had been too stretched for too long to do a creditable job of putting together another massive massive in less than a month. You would be amazed how few it has been who really poured in their guts to get the 10-20-30 thousands of the last three big ones to work.
Some of us thought we could decentralise the effort and spark lots of micro local and affinity group things all over the place.
Well in fact there is a groundswell of community activity around Portland that weekend of Feb 14th-16th for purpose in one way or another of declaring 'fuck this pre-emptive war shit'. It is also true that the fanfare has been a fizzle.
There is big stuff going on in Salem and Eugene on Saturday and San Francisco on Sunday. Contact those folk through indymedia and other internet links. There are carpools arranged and busses chartered. Voices AND SIGNS! from out of town are always doubly welcome.
My ongoing pet favorite in Portland is included on  http://portland.indymedia.org/stopwar
Peace Elves on the Bridges, 8-9 am, "burma shave"-style peace messages on Portland bridges for the morning commute. Bridge changes weekly. More info:  peaceelf@yahoo.com. Phone contact 503 975 6355.
This Friday morning from 7:30-9:30 am the Peace Elves will strut their stuff on at least five of Portland's seven landmark bridges all at the same time. "Overflow elves" will carry signs at intervals along the MAX stations and bus mall around tri-met's fareless square. If you can't be there yourself, send a fax to local newspaper or mag urging pictures and interviews around these pixie peace stunts.
new collecting point to list peace activities all around metro Portland:
... and Your Correpondent always welcomes people with the guts to shout "WHY NOT !"

PDX AntiWar Rally Feb. 15! 10.Feb.2003 19:55


No Blood for Oil!
No Fascist War!
Insane Warmongers!
US Corporate Whores!

Don't apologize for a lack of PDX "organization." Just hit the North Park Blocks at Noon Saturday, February 15 in the North Park Blocks (NW Park & Burnside by the elephant).

Unless a miracle happens, Bush is gonna pull the trigger on Iraq this month or next, so now is the necessary time to hit the bricks again. It's ridiculous to waste the momentum of A22, O5, N17 & J18 with absolutely nothing on Feb. 15 when it's most needed.

Do the anarchists, black blockers, socialists and anti-establishment types need an organizing committee to get this done? Don't think so. Just Show Up and Voice Your Opposition!

talking heads 10.Feb.2003 20:42

Dingo Dizmal peptodizmal@aol.com

I noticed that the national talking head dude claimed Portland is "a city devided at the prospect of war"and he went on to say there was a protest of 2500 people against the war,I know there were a lot more than that.
What a bunch of hucky puck!
How bout if'n we have someone pass out numbers at one of thiese things and give meaning to "Stand up and be counted".
(look up Pepto Dizmal on google)

Everybody get the shit started... 11.Feb.2003 10:55

Green Hornet

Small actions all over the city, this could be good. Every group picks a gear or cog in the war machine then sets out to throw a wrench in the works. This action might just still have an eliment of surpise left to it. And to me this is the point; We gotta get creative and spontainious with our actions. Shit that they would never see coming. All of the well-behaved protests haven't even put a dint in the whitehouse warmongers ability to wage their conquest. The time to put up or shut up is here. Be at the park blocks on the 15th WITH A MISSION not to watch and hope something happens. Or better, don't go to the park blocks; just head for the target you and your gang picked out and get this motherfuckin' party started... Y'all ready to fight or what?

-No Justice No Peace!!!