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imperialism & war

By grace of God

It's an established facts
By grace of God
By grace of God
It's an established fact that the UNO has found and effectively destroyed more weapons in Iraq between 1991 and 1998 than Daddy Bush at the glorious Gulf war. It's a fact that the UN is able to demobilize the Iraq without killing any people with 20,000 UN-regulars and by monitoring whole of Iraq as no-fly zone as the traitors Germay and France will suggest now.
But it is a fact that we never will allow it because then not we are sitting at source but China, Russia and Europe and this is exactly what we perpetually still want to avert by all means.
Therefor we have to wage this war inescapably. We will massacre them, we will commit genocide, we will erase the law of nations and if it is necessary we will deploy poison-gas and nukes. And if there are hundreds of thousands we kill they are always just foreigners.

We are not mass murderer, we are the sword of God!

The chosen people!

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