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Get to Know Your New City Commissioner, and Much, Much More.

A public meeting sponsored by the Mill Park Neighborhood Association is being held at the Midland Branch Library at 805 SE 122nd, starting at 7:00 pm. The first half of the event will be a presentation by Randy Leonard, our new City Commissioner, followed by a question and answer period, of any subject.
The second hour will be a panel followed by a Question and Answer period.
First panelist, Liz Callison, will speak about the Bull Run Water System give away currently being proposed by Portland City Government. According to this proposal, ownership of the Bull Run Water System will pass away from the City of Portland into the hands of a group of cities currently receivng water from that source. This causes great concern with many people, some who believe this might be a first step towards privatization of this precious resource.

Second panelist, Cascade Geller, will speak about City plans to spend over $76 million dollars to replace the open storage reservoirs at Mt Tabor with buried concrete tanks. This is being proposed in response to the possibility of terrorist sabotage of the water system.The city made this decision without any public input. The water bureau has now begun a public process, but it is placing narrow limts on what can be discussed. Those who voluteer to participate are being instructed that they can only talk about "what goes on top" of the buried tanks. This is an insult to citizens and a travesty of public participation
Website on this issue is www.friendsofreservoirs.org
Audio from the January Hands Around the Reservoir event:
Portland Indymedia Feature on this same event:

The third panelist is Scott Fernandez, from the Public Utilities Review Board.

This is a great opportunity to get acquainted with out new Commissioner, and see where he stands on issues important to you. Also, some of the recent moves by the City Of Portland betray soemthing less than consideration of public opinion in matters that concern the public greatly.

This will be video taped and aired over public access channels here in Portland.
thanks for the heads up, Jim 10.Feb.2003 14:40


Thanks for the heads up about this meeting with Randy Leonard.

Based on the few instances I have seen Randy Leonard in action, or heard anything coming from his own mouth, I have to say I am less than impressed by what's there.

(I voted for Serena Cruz and strongly wish that she had won. Witness her strong performance on many issues of local and international importance as a continuing member of the Multnomah County Board since the election.)

I hope I am wrong, but I fear that Randy Leonard will confirm my worst fears as his tenure as a city council member rolls on.

I look forward to seeing this event in person and via cable access soon.

Leonard voted against anti-war resolution 10.Feb.2003 22:18


Leonard voted against the anti-war resolution a few weeks ago, helping to kill it. His former opponent in the council race, Serena Cruz, voted for the same resolution when it came before the Mult. Co. Comm. It'd be good to point this out to him and mention how you feel about his vote and how that might influence how you vote in the future.