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How to support French Veto - contact info for French UN team

Here is contact info for reaching the French mission at the UN. They are apparently interested in US citizens' views on the subject.
Mark Crispin Miller writes of his attempt to stiffen the resolve of the
French Government. He writes:

"I just spoke to the French Mission to the UN, urging them as a U.S. citizen to vote against any resolution authorizing war aginst Iraq--rather than abstaining, which apparently is what the Bush administration is expecting them to do. The person who answered the phone asked if I would put that in writing--and offered to give me the mission's email address.
"I found this encouraging--suggesting that at least some people in the mission are arguing for casting a veto, and would like to have evidence of grassroots U.S. support for such a move. If you would like to provide such evidence, send a quick note to:  france-presse@un.int.

"You don't have to explain at length WHY they should veto--they would like to veto. Just tell them that you think they ought to veto too. One might, however, underscore the need to "save succeeding generations from the scourge of war."

"Please pass this on! This may be the last best chance of preventing war."

Below is the Email I just sent:

Silence is not enough. Please VETO the war on Iraq. Our government is not listening to us. Many more than half of us Americans are against this war. Our press is owned by the military businesses. They lie that we support the war. We do not. We Americans need your French voice again. Please help us. Thank you. Joanne Steele, St. Remy NY, USA
one message to France at United Nations 10.Feb.2003 15:59

glen owen theKnownUniverse@yahoo.com

From: "glen owen" < america2003@operamail.com>
To:  france-presse@un.int
Date: Tue, 11 Feb 2003 07:50:47 +0800

Subject: Please stop this American war; we seem powerless*

* I studied Russian history under Dr Alexander Riasonovsky at Penn University in Philadelphia. It seems that in August 1914 Tsar Nicholas 2nd sent a message to Kaiser Wilhelm 2nd including "Cousin: Please stop this war. I am powerless."

I can speak only for my near cronies (some leaders of Portland Peaceful Response Coalition and Pride At Work, Portland Oergon): from the time of the Sept 12th GWB tantrum at the UN we - under some concerted influence by me - have been saying that the only real hope of averting World War 3 resides in France. We appreciate beyond words your fostering of the 'college of sanity' that now includes
Germany and Belgium.

We admonish you to veto this madness with all power and influence France can exercise in the global community.

This message was inspired by

--GlenOwen -- +1 503 287 3473

503 287 3473