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A small group protests Peter Jennings

Only a few people showed up to protest Peter Jennings' visit to Milwaukie on Sunday night, but it was well worth it! I went with one other person; unfortunately we arrived a little late (Rex Putnam High School was hard to find - perhaps they wanted it that way... ), but when we arrived there were still five people standing outside with "No War" and anti-imperialist/media signs. (Sorry - I forgot my camera!)
When we arrived at the school, we were immediately met at the gate with a security guard named David, who asked us if we had tickets. I told him no, that we were going to try to see if we could get in. He replied that we could not get into the building without tickets, so I told him the REAL reason we were there: to exercise our right to protest. He waffled a bit, then told us to hold on while he asked his supervisor. David then informed us that we could go in; we just couldn't hand out flyers or have signs of any kind. "OK," we agreed.

We parked, and brought a few flyers with us, but left the sign in the car. When we arrived at the entrance, however, we found five protesters standing outside who had signs! They had been smart, and came through another entrance, or parked their car somewhere else and walked in. Two officers from the sheriff's department were standing nearby, making sure that we stayed in a designated area away from the main entrance.

I asked the officers about the security guard at the top of the gate who told us we could not have signs. They replied that they didn't know which security he was with; he wasn't with the sheriff's department. Apparently, there were three separate security forces at the event: the sheriff's office, a private security firm, and school security. I am still not sure which security force the guard at the gate was from.

One of the protesters, Scotty, held a sign that read: "America's imperialistic march and blatant repression of our civil rights must be stopped. ABC, KATU, stop your corporate bias!" Other protesters included two women with "No War" signs and a man with a green "Justice" flag. Samantha, an Australian exchange student at the school, was also there. "I'm disappointed at the turnout," Scotty said. He added that there needs to be more direct action; he was frustrated at the apathy. He, like I, hoped that there would be more people protesting, considering that there was talk about it at the Friday peace rally.

No worry, though. After standing outside and talking for a few minutes, my companion and I proceeded to go back to my car and retrieve the rest of our flyers. We then tagged almost every car in the parking lot with information about the "Facts," "Depleted Uranium," and the "Corporate Media." If the people inside were hoping to not get an alternative viewpoint about the war, they were mistaken. We then proceeded to get the hell out of there, and wished our friendly security guard, David, a good night.
should of been there 10.Feb.2003 06:25


feel i should have been there.

I'll see what I can get you.... 10.Feb.2003 07:59

Matt Oneiros mattoneiros@corporatedirtbag.com

I was there officially as independant press, nearly got maced by an ASI security guard (the three agencies: sheriffs department, school security, ASI security). ASI was the agency in charge of gate duty up until about 3/4 of the way through the event.

I've got a metric buttload of pictures interior and exterior with protestors, security, and the actual town hall. I'll see about uploading them when I get home from school.

Lame Program Anyway 10.Feb.2003 08:13

Den Mark

The "town hall" was a pretty lame show. Nothing new. The whole thing was orchestrated & choreographed, of course. Same ol' song & dance. I'm the guy who had the green flag. After most of the audience was inside, a Green friend came up & gave me a ticket! So i went in, got frisked, had to check in my flag, & took a seat. The place was maybe 90% filled. Panelists were okay but not exactly riveting. A few of the audience questions were good, but most were shallow, like simply regurgitating what the questioners had been fed. Jennings did a good job of shutting the panelists up & throwing back at them some of what they were saying. The best of that was when lars larson said that the war would not be about oil, & then talked himself into a corner, at which point Jennings said, "Then the war IS about oil", or some such, & the audience applauded loudly. I'd never heard larson before. What a buffoon. Anyway, typical of mainstream media, this was a pedestrian effort. Each side sort of got its say, but little genuine debate happened.

As a right wing observer 10.Feb.2003 17:19


As someone on the right side of the political spectrum, I find the protest of Jenning's pretty amusing. He's considered an apologist of Palestinian terror. But if you guys don't like him either, more power to you.