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What's the Reason? Faked Dossiers, etc.

The UK/US capitalist alliance's push for war continues. More and more desperate and cynical, the Bush and Blair governments continue creating reasons for attacking Iraq.
Where's the Reason?
by F.N. Brill

The UK/US capitalist alliance's push for war continues. More and more desperate and cynical, the Bush and Blair governments continue creating reasons for attacking Iraq.

But U.K. Prime Minister, Tony Blair got caught making up lies. Several weeks ago, Blair produced a dossier that "proved" Iraqi guilt and the need for war. Colin Powell, in his speech to the United Nations quoted extensively from Blair's dossier and called it "exquisite". This dossier, provided by British intelligence, was to be a thundering attack on Hussein and shred any opposition to the war.

Too bad some 19 year old Swedes noticed that large parts of the dossier had been lifted from articles in "Jane's Intelligence Review" as well as the thesis paper of Ibrahim al-Marashi, an American of Iraqi descent, published in the Middle East Review of International Affairs (MERIA).

It's not necessarily an improper to use information from outside sources, although identifying them is always good. So why did Blair & co. hide the sources? Because most of the information was dealing with Iraq in 1991, not 2003. So the US and UK governments' are giving us 12 year old information as an excuse for the war.

Want another reason to be outraged? Because it turns out the uncredited writers oppose the war with Iraq! But you could never tell by reading the US papers. The most circulated report of the scandal has been from the New York Times. The Times' piece is, curiously, lifted from a number of British news sources and apparently didn't investigate the controversy at all. Al-Harashi is quoted saying: "I am surprised, flattered as well, that this information got used in a U.K. government dossier... Had they consulted me, I could have provided them with more updated information." Sounds pretty friendly to Bush and Blair, no? This is what Harashi told other reporters, ones that bothered to call him, "This is wholesale deception. How can the British public trust the Government if it is up to these sort of tricks? People will treat any other information they publish with a lot of skepticism from now on."

Sean Boyne, who was the other plagiarized reporter works for Jane's Intelligence Review, one of the world's premiere military magazines. He was quoted by the Mirror reporters as saying, "I don't like to think that anything I wrote has been used for an argument for war. I am concerned because I am against the war."

Some related items left out of the capitalist media:

From Counterpunch Magazine: "Sen. Richard Lugar, chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, quietly passed word to Russia and France that their countries will be frozen out of staggeringly lucrative postwar oil contracts unless they roll over and endorse the US attack."

Last and most ironic of the current crop of unreported news. The UN took the unprecedented step of covering up a tapestry reproduction of Spanish Artist Pablo Picasso's famous anti-war painting "Guernica" which hangs in its chambers. "Guernica" was painted in protest of the first arial bombardment of civilians, the town of Gernika during the Spanish Civil War. Why cover up the most important work of art of the 20th century? Because it would have been the back drop for Colin Powell's address to the UN.