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When the Bombing Will Start, to the Hour

The Valentine's Day Massacre starts before dawn, February 16, 2003, Iraqi time. It extends to either late Thursday, Feb 21, or early Friday AM, Iraqi time depending on how lazy the American forces are. I believe the U.N. will not participate.
The bombing will start before dawn, say 3 am or 4 am, on February the 16th, Iraqi time while Americans are having their Saturday evening Valentine's dinners. We will not be told about it until the following afternoon, also Sunday the 16th.

The bombing, a terrible complete affair, will continue until late Thursday or early Friday, the week following (again Iraqi time). We will find out about it in time for the evening news Thursday.

This whole event should be called the Valentine's Day Massacre, and will inaugurate a long series of terrible events throughout the century, another Hundred Year War.

Welcome to WWIII (unless prayer and God intercedes).


I do not need war in order to evolve.
right 09.Feb.2003 15:15


Yes...harmony thru conflict just don't work any more, if it ever did to begin with.

Yep? 09.Feb.2003 15:34

Logan wallace loganrat@hotmail.com

I must have missed something, or I'm just a flat out fool. I was wondering where abouts did you recive this information???

The liberation of Iraq is nigh 09.Feb.2003 15:47


Iraq will be liberated soon. You will see the boomboxes coming out and celebratins beginning. Get ready!

U.S. is not benevolent 09.Feb.2003 21:50


Yes, liberated, just like the Afghanis!

Oh, wait - hmmm - I forgot, the situation in Afghanistan is in turmoil, US military forces have been forced to retreat on more than one occasion. Al Queda and Taliban forces, now allied with some of the previous US 'northern alliance allies' are attacking U.S. military positions daily, and gaining ground. The U.S. is going to lose in Afghanistan, just like Russia did.

Meanwhile, women are increasingly being raped and killed, and forced to wear the same burkha as before. Crime and general warlordism is rising, and the so called victory and liberation of the Afghani people, particularly women, that the U.S. declared is a complete lie.

Same lie is being told about Iraq. One year from now, the U.S. will have done nothing but bring greater misery to the world. The United States is the greatest evil in the world today.

Just what we need 09.Feb.2003 22:28


Ah. . . .

The bombing started during the state of the union address according to the last prophet of doom and so its already over.

In fact! it never was and never will be. PEACE

Another guess 10.Feb.2003 17:11


I can't guess the exact hour or even the exact day, but it seems more likely the attack will begin on the night of a new moon; ergo, on or about 1 March. That's tradition, anyway. Of course, due to its massive technological superiority, the US military has much less need to attack on a new moon than does just about every other military in the world. So we'll see.

One thing is certain. Bush is too much of a coward to attack without support from some sort of "coalition." Attacking this Friday when nearly the entire world is against an attack would make Bush seem the aggressor; that's the last thing Bush wants. But if he's unable to turn the PR tide soon, he'll have to put the invasion off even further and risk fighting during the summer. So, 1 March is my guess.

By the way, do I get a prize if I'm right?

Wasted $ 10.Feb.2003 18:04


We're more likely to experience terrorism from those within our own borders than from the Iraqi government. In fact, attacking Iraq will absolutely make us less safe than if we did not. This is Bush's personal war on your tax dollars. Don't complain about local taxes if you support a war with Iraq. This is the biggest waste of money, the likes of which have not been seen before.