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bogus alerts propogate magically.
isreali front organizations claim that its asset are in danger in us.

we will find out that this of course, is a for saftey.

terroists alerts are by their very nature a bogus concept.

the excutive and the republicrats are terrorizing the people with thier bogus alerts.
Of course 09.Feb.2003 10:07

Schizoid Embolism

I know, it's sick.

turn-abouts-fair-play 09.Feb.2003 10:54

don't buy it

why not start our own 'ALERT SYSTEM".we can make up our own rules and send out warnings whenever we feel it would be to our advantage.does anyone want to step forward and take charge?

alerts 09.Feb.2003 15:17


the recent flurry was designed to coinicde with protests--I hear the one in NY has been outlawed as a result of alert fear.

its just burocratic C.Y.A. 09.Feb.2003 21:15


Its just burocrats performing CYA (Cover Your Ass).

Don't read any more into it than that..