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AUDIO FILE: July 30, 2002 Solo Timber Sale Protest

Repost of an audio file from the July 30, 2002 Solo Timber Sale Auction Protest, where members of the Northwest Community converged on the U.S. Forest Service offices in Sandy Oregon to protest all old growth, native forest and commercial logging on public lands.
Outraged at Forest Service mis-management of lands entrusted to their care, people came from as far noth as Bellingham Washington, and as far south as Ashland Oregon.
This audio file is a lightly edited program of the days speeches, liberally punctuated with both humor and outrage. Speakers include: Ivan Maluski of Native Forest Network; Jeremy Hall of Oregon Natural Resources Council; Sarah Wald of Cascadia Forest Alliance; Carrie Taylor of Bark; Joe Keating of the local Sierra Club; George Sexton; Rolf Skar and Josh.
30 minutesd in length.

homepage: homepage: http://www.PhilosopherSeed.org/realaudio.solo.ram

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Jim Lockhart

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