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Billy Bubba & Shuttle Debris in East Texas.

Billy Bubba Jones finds debris from shuttle.
Authorities in east Texas today stated that Billy "Bubba" Jones 32, was hospitalized for observation today in connection with the space shuttle accident. When questioned his mother stated:

Mrs. Jones: "Billy Bubba had gone back out to where he found some debris from the shuttle. He was trying to sell it to make a few bucks. We told him that just wasn't right so he took it back to where he found it."

Reporter: "Didn't he know it wasn't supposed to be touched?"

Mrs. Jones: "We had told him what they said, but Billy Bubba said that was just so people wouldn't take it and sell it. He said 'there wasn't nothing wrong with it.'
While he was out there he found some food packets marked 'NASA' and it was chili. Well he figured that would be OK since it really didn't have nothing to do with the shuttle and he brung it home. Everyone knows how Billy Bubba is, he's always hungry. He put it in the microwave and warmed it up, and ate it"

Reporter: " When did you first suspect there was a problem with Billy?"

Mrs. Jones "All I knowed was I heard his grandpa ask Billy Bubba this morning when he come out the bathroom 'Bubba how did you say this toilet melted down again?' We took him right on to the hospital cause he wasn't feeling to good and when we turned off the light in the bathroom we noticed Billy Bubba was glowing just a little."