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George The Second wants you to work more hours with no overtime pay

Heeding the complaints of business, the Bush administration is revamping decades-old labor regulations in an overhaul that will force many Americans to work longer hours without overtime pay.
by Leigh Strope, AP - February 01, 2003

The Bush administration claims that the pillars of American labor law, which established the 40-hour work week, a minimum wage and overtime pay, are antiquated.

Labor unions point out that changes would severely restrict who is legally required to be paid for overtime work.

"Nothing prohibits employers from requiring as many hours as they want," said Chris Owens, public policy director for the AFL-CIO. "The overtime pay requirement is the only thing that acts as a break on excessive work hours."

trillion dollar ripoff 03.Feb.2003 14:51


This was announced front page headlines in most newspapers. Network media was mute. It was hidden behind the shuttle crash coverage. 9-11 covered "homeland security", "patriot act", and 100 billion to lockeed.
Flag burning covered the loss of probable cause.
Any others anyone?

Say Whaattt? 03.Feb.2003 15:19

Antinomias Vermont

Work more hours without overtime? What's wrong with useless, good-for-nothing parasite? Has he been smoking crack or something....

Oops-- answered my own question.

What we need are WOBBLIES 05.Feb.2003 11:50

GRINGO STARS gringo_stars@attbi.com

The IWW did some amazing work in the early part of the 20th century. Without their often-violent agitation, we would not have the weekend, amongst other important labor victories. The wobblies fearlessly went to jail multiple times, defended themselves against almost constant attack by capitalist gangsters, yet made steady progress in working conditions for all people. The link in the above comment goes to the Oregon site for IWW. Click it and join.

It is important to be a member of a union that is truly for workers, not merely a laison to business that is mostly a way to control workers for capitalists' benefit. Here it is again;