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2 of 5 Gulf War vets on disability; 209000 make claims, 161000 getting payments

As the U.S. contemplates another war on Iraq in the coming weeks, most Americans expect relatively few casualties among the U.S. troops - just like the first Gulf War. The Gulf War was remarkable, as U.S. conflicts go, for the strikingly low number of U.S. dead and wounded - 148 killed and 467 wounded. But the truth is nearly two of every five of the approximately 540,000 Gulf War vets are on disability as a result of illnesses they sustained during that conflict.
2 of 5 Gulf War vets on disability; 209000 make claims, 161000 getting payments
2 of 5 Gulf War vets on disability; 209000 make claims, 161000 getting payments
About 161,000 Gulf War veterans are receiving disability payments from the U.S. government. About 209,000 have filed VA claims.

Tens of thousands came down with Gulf War Syndrome, a debilitating series of ailments that can include chronic fatigue, skin rashes, muscle joint pain, memory loss and brain damage.

Since so many U.S. soldiers were sickened in Iraq, U.S. casualties were nearly as high as those claimed by Iraq. Baghdad put its losses at 75,000 to 100,000 soldiers killed in action and 35,000 to 45,000 civilians killed by allied bombing. U.S. officials estimated 100,000 Iraqi soldiers killed and 300,000 wounded, and 2,500 to 3,000 Iraqi civilians killed by bombing.


Gulf War veterans suing companies for chemical exports:
can we afford this war? 03.Feb.2003 12:19

glum norm

Yknow, I doubt the cost of all of these disabled vets is figured into the "cost" of the imminent war. also, the fact that so many homeless people are vets. With an already failing economy, an social services being slashed so that rich folk can horde their money, and faith-based BS so religions can build bigger churchs with taxpayer-money, we are going to be a third-world country by the time (if ever) Bush leaves office.

Financial Loss destroyed the British Empire 03.Feb.2003 14:13

GRINGO STARS gringo_stars@attbi.com

George The Second is a socialist for rich people. He takes from the taxpayers and gives to the mega-corporations that contributed to his campaign. He has dramatically increased government spending since he took office, against the usual conservative stance of spending less. He is VERY fiscally irresponsible. He will spend the US into the ground, all for the benefit of his already-ultra-wealthy cronies. He could care less about the well-being of US soldiers, being the AWOL chickenhawk that he is.

So True 05.Feb.2003 08:45


Gringo Stars; Good take on shrub (are you getting this B.A.?). He is without question, a socialist for the rich. Do I need to spend time writing a thesis on this? No, the evidence is ample, and I need to go back to work.