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Legalize and Tax

Legalize and Tax makes far more economic sense.
With Oregon's economic troubles in focus, isn't it about time for Oregon to legalize and tax marajuana?

A "high" tax rate of say 25% would make Oregon's budget wows go up in smoke.

Rural Oregonians would see their schools funded and new local legal revenues being generated.

We could get into the fiber manufacturing markets that our current system gives to foreign countries, free up prison space for sex offenders, reduce police forces.

We could make rural communities destination resorts, complete with out in the open consumption and VW bus taxis.

By limiting the size of grower operations to say 1/4 acre, we could see the economic benefit distrubuted.

The home herbologists could buy a permit for $100 per plant. All sales would be through authorized head shops.
Lawn clippings? 03.Feb.2003 10:11


Whats the difference between your fancy way of spreading more capitalism and seeing cannabis as no more or less than another pile of potential compost to a non smoker?

Why do we need to make women our slaves?

What would prevent people from home cultivation without paying your 100$ tax?

What about just leaving it alone?

Think about it PEACE

dont bother with the home growers. 03.Feb.2003 11:02


I suggest that you simply ignore the small homegrower, as the US govt does with homebrewers (you are legally allowed to brew 200 gallons of beer a year) despite the fact that it is easy, and produces a supirior product, the vast majority of american beer drinkers dont do it. Americans are in general a lazy lot, and they will gladly pay exhorbinant costs for prepackaged weed, and the govt saves itself having to track down every homebrewer/grower.

The trick is simply to keep the price close enough that it isnt woth the risk of getting caught selling. Typically homebrew costs 1/2 to 1/3 what a I would pay for a microbrew. at that rate there is no point in selling my beer. Now if a microbrew cost 20 or 30 times what it cost to make a micro brew, youd have a lot of homebrewers selling. so keep the tax reasonable and some people may grow a few plants at home, but most americans wont.

Also see the indymedia article about the ancillary expenditures of pot smokers...