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Student General Strike Feb 6

Subject: Student General Strike

A fight to save Oregons future : Student General Strike

When: 1:30 P.M. , Feb 6th 2003

Where: At the Waterfront, between taylor and nato
Who: We are calling for all groups in Portland to support a student
led, student organized student general strike. We need all people from
all communites because we feel that all people have been affected by
the gutting of our budgets and we need them to say "NO MORE".

Why: We are demanding that students no longer be treated as 2nd class
citizens. We feel that the legislation of this state has not taken us
seriously in our demands to be given funding so that our education can
succeed. We feel that our options are being taken from us. We have tryed
to lobby, we have sent letters, we have gone to the capitol building
and asked that they give us funding. Nothing has worked. We call this
general strike of students to show people how much is dependant on funding
of our social services.

Please take these demands seriously. Forward this message to as many
people as you know so that we can have as big an impact as possible.
Thank you for your support.
With You! 04.Feb.2003 08:33

Den Mark

I'm a Science teacher. I'll be with you, proudly accepting your leadership in this action for educational rights & justice everywhere. You'll find me under the green flag with "Justice" in white.

Who? 04.Feb.2003 15:51

Angus mangus@resist.ca

Is ther more information available from the person or group who posted this call? Who is making the call? What groups or schools are responding already or agreeing to participate in the strike? Is there a formal "statement" to sign onto?

to the message top this one 04.Feb.2003 19:23

Yohon Yonson YY@WISCONSON.org

so in otherwords is there a leader or group I can make look stupid or harass or arrest?

"Who?" is a reasonable question 04.Feb.2003 22:09

Angus mangus@resist.ca

In fact, I had no intention of looking for a group or leader to "make look stupid, or harass or arrest." I am a former student helping to organize antiwar actions on the campus of Oregon State University. The group I work with, Wrench, is feverishly trying to build energy for a student strike at OSU. We are trying to connect with other groups working on similar actions in the region, in hopes of building connections, coordinating actions etc. with the aim of helping to build an antiwar movement.

The questions were totally reasonable. It seems unreasonable to expect individuals and groups to put energy into a call to action without any contact info in the call, and without any idea who they are being asked to work with.

national student walkout march 5th 04.Feb.2003 22:43


Books Not Bombs
National Student Walkout march 5th
Called by the National Youth and Student Peace Coalition

Look no further 05.Feb.2003 16:51

logik logos@riseup.net

The IWW seeks to organize all those who work and study on educational institutions into one big union to collectively bargain for our goals, and the rights stolen to us by the state , the bosses, and bureaucrats. The IWW didn`t organize the event, but members will be there and are hoping to make connections with students and educational workers at the strike to organize the industry to take back the power at our schools.

email  logos@riseup.net for more info on the IOC-620 (Campus and Educational Workers Industrial Union of the Industrial Workers of the World).

616 E. Burnside, Portland OR

PPS Aliance 05.Feb.2003 18:55

PPS student

While im not positive that they were directly involved in orgainizeing this rally the Portland Public Schools Student Aliance has recetnlly been a very active student group being the main orgainizing group for earlyer sit-ins and walk outs protesting the budget crisis as well as getting students invloved in the anti-war movement. The Aliance is completly student run and have been featured in several locla news stories incldeing the most recent WW which discuss their next action which willl be to ceate a "Liberty School" which will be a completly learning enviroment for kids, run with the help of voulteers from the comunity. I highly recomend reading he articleif your intersted in learning more about student activists.

IWW, and other matters 05.Feb.2003 22:13

joe hill

So IWW is acually into this sort of thing...why?

What are they hoping to accomplish that hasn't already been accomplished by the existing teachers unions?

And more importantly, what's a walkout going to accomplish...it's not like there's a big heap of money waiting to be rained down on schools. Much of it is tied up in funding PERS and other excessively generous benefits for people working in the school system. And while I recognize that this money was promised to them -- and the state shouldn't break its promises -- the fact is, schools are being drained because of employee benefits.

Not because the "SUV driving, Starbucks drinking, GAP wearing" masses are hot to shut down the schools. They're just tired of seeing the system cry wolf every other year, and watching the legislature fiddle while Salem burns. The system's fucked, and people are tired of it.

As to the current situation, I don't know what can be done. When people's incomes go down, tax collection goes down. The next few years will be brutal, but with any luck, it will jar the men and women running the show to take action.

And yeah, what does the IWW hope to do about any of this?

Student Activist Alliance was the group 06.Feb.2003 18:59

Marko - SAA kid rafmustard@hotmail.com

The Student Activist Alliance was the group that called this. You can email us at  studentstrike@mindless.com

I agree with basic message of the pps kid but i have a few extra things to talk about. The "Liberation Schools" is what we would like to create in response to the days that will be cut because of the budget. The SAA would like the liberation schools to be a safe, comfortable place for all students to go for the days cut. We are looking to work with any groups that would be interested in working with us on this issue but we are currently trying to figure out what we want the liberation schools to be and how we want to run the liberation schools. When we get the basic outline and basic information about the liberation schools im sure we will call a large general meeting to talk to everyone interested within the community.

If your interested in where the money is going in oregon. Go here.  http://www.bam.das.state.or.us/pub/GBB0305/ Its the governors budget plan.