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Interesting Corporate Media Analysis on Iraq War

Interesting Corporate Media Analysis on Iraq War

homepage: homepage: http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/articles/A16368-2003Feb2.html

The Washington Post 03.Feb.2003 06:50

Bush Admirer

The Washington Post is hardly 'Corporate Media.'

That newspaper, along with the NY Times, is one of the major reasons that our news media got tagged with the "Liberal Biased News Media" label. That's a very well deserved label in the case of the Post. They've been left leaning news manipulators for many years.

The article you linked to is a good example of their leftist bias.

They're not over the edge like Pacifica Radio, in that they do sprinkle in a bit of real news along with their steady stream of liberal bullshit.

unclear on the concept 03.Feb.2003 08:48


B.A. denies that the Washington Post is "Corporate Media". The Washington Post is published by a media conglomerate with stockholders and a board of directors. Perhaps B.A. wishes to emulate Humpty Dumpty:

"When I use a word," Humpty Dumpty said in rather a scornful tone, "it means just what I choose it to mean - neither more nor less." (Lewis Carroll).

The Post and the Times are to the left of Murdock. This is an inadequate definition of "leftist"

Sorry 03.Feb.2003 09:10

Bush Admirer

You are right, I suck big time.

BA = Occupying Very Own Universe 03.Feb.2003 12:13

Ed Harley

Bush Admirer lives in his very own magical universe. Bush Admirer believes that people who supported Bill Clinton are "leftists". The fact that he has no capacity for critical thought, and has obtained every last idea in his head from the Rush limbaugh show, is evident by his assertion that the Washington Post is not corporate media.
It must be nice to live in such a tiny, magical universe.

Liberal Media 03.Feb.2003 22:29

American Fascist

In the world of Bush Admirer and other American fascists, anybody to the left of Hitler...sorry...Bush is a Liberal.

moving on 04.Feb.2003 14:05

dj tubesteak

Moving beyond BA's attention-deprived adolescent contrarianism (the washington post's political biases have nothing to do with the paper's being or not being corporate media; as was pointed out, they are owned by a major conglomerate, thus they are corporate media, which actually leads me to my next thought)

You know, thinking in the short term, the corporate sector is sometimes not as unified in its political thinking as it might appear. If the amount of public sentiment against a given government action is large enough, it can sometimes sway the portions of the corporate hierarchy who don't have a direct interest in that action (note the major shift in media attitude toward the Vietnam war after the Tet offensive). Perhaps the Post's financiers have little stake in the oil industry and thus are willing to consider the thoughts of the antiwar movement in this case. We should keep this in mind. We might stand to benefit from this if we handle it right.

my $0.02

P.S.: Herman and Chomsky present some very interesting analysis of the 'liberal media bias' stereotype and its influence on media reporting in 'Manufacturing Consent'