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Jaanuary 31 Critical Mass Ride a Success Despite the Rain

Wet weather doesn't stop Critical Mass!
74 dedicated bicyclists participated in the January 31 Critical Mass ride despite the wet weather. Highlights of the ride included a reprise of the November 2002 Courthouse Square circling, and corking of a monster SUV limo and a police car downtown at 6th and Main, with no citations or arrests! The ride also took a detour through the Taco Bell drive-through on Burnside, and the riders' calls for 'Car Free Friday' were heard up and down NW 23rd and NW 21st. The ride crossed the river on the bicycle-unfriendly Morrison Bridge, to highlight the need for bicycle access and safety improvements on this bridge. Hand-sewn satin CM capes were available for everyone to wear, the bicycle cops left before we started, and there was more honking and hooting than on any ride ever. The ride took all the lanes and it was ok, due to the expertise of our corkers and the general lack of motor traffic.
I missed out 02.Feb.2003 20:17


I was asleep when the ride occurred. It sounds like a blast. Taco Bell was a nice touch. Morrison Bridge is always a good idea

I bet we had more fun... 02.Feb.2003 22:07


We loaded up our SUV with our Specialized Big Hit DH bikes and went out in the Coast Range where the air is fresh and the mud is clean...

CM on Fri 14th of FEB?? 03.Feb.2003 02:56

mid-month rider

how about a mid month CM on the 14th to coincide with the worldwide anti-war actions that weekend??

Question 03.Feb.2003 06:43


What is corking?

corking, a definition 03.Feb.2003 09:15


corking is the strategic placement of a cyclist and his/her bike in front of cars at intersections when crossing. it is necessary for preventing aggressive drivers from attempting to run folks down. Usually, corkers engage in friendly banter with motorists, wave and smile.

What is this I hear about permits? 03.Feb.2003 14:01


I heard from a friend of mine that someone has decided to get permits issued for critical mass lately. Doesn't this sort of defeat part of the purpose behind Critical Mass? I dunno, anybody else know anything about this?

not that i've heard 03.Feb.2003 18:16

ciclista furiosa

it happened a few months ago, but I'm not familiar with any new plan. the person who got the first permit was castigated pretty well.

mid month ride 04.Feb.2003 11:46

"i'm nobody" criticalmasser@riseup.net

I am all for a mid month ride. I am actually all for a ride at any time for nearly any progressive reason. I subscribe to the list-serv and I regularly check out indymedia, if a min month ride is happening, there will be at least one other rider...me. And I am pretty diligent with the corking. Peace.Love.