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Give it your best shot.
Ok, here it is, a contest amongst the silliest hair brains out there in cyber-space.

What is your theory as to why the shuttle blew up? (Columbia, not Challenger )
Bin Laden didn't act alone.. 02.Feb.2003 19:38


Its obvious that Oshama Bin Laden has had assistance from space aliens in downing the space shuttle. They don't want us up there. (the aliens that is).

Any what are the chances that it blew over Texas Huh? I mean this is Bush's home state. Just like where JFK was assassinated, and LBJ was from... Hmmm... .

The Kennedy space center in Florida was built in Florida for that specific reason, so the shuttle would have to travel over Texas to get there. And Florida is the other Bush Brother state.. (If that isn't proof, I don't know what is..)

The Israeli that was on board flew a bombing mission to bomb and Iraqi Nuclear Reactor in the early 1980s.

Hussein wanted his revenge, and contacted Bin Laden, who he knows is in contact with the space aliens, and had them shoot it with their disruptor beam.


Ok, I know the mentally ill that frequent this website can do a much better job of coming up with something way more stupid and silly than this, but their version will be of a serious nature, and the scary thing is that they will believe it...

Oooh! Oooh! Pick Me! 02.Feb.2003 20:14

van damme

Could it be that the scientists aboard the space shuttle had mad unprecedented discoveries about the effects of burning biomass on the global climate? The conversion of of native forests into grazing land in developing countries has been a boon to McDonalds, for one... There were actually a number of important scientific observations being made, as mentioned in the linked article, another of note is the "space elves" !? No kidding...


no, no, no 02.Feb.2003 20:48

dr. mello mel

No, the giant prostate tumor, mentioned in the link above, breached it's containment module upon reintroduction to the earth's gravity and took over the ship. No terrorists, no UFOs, just science run amok. Nothing to see here folks, move along now...and don't touch any of the fragments.

a real one, from another page 02.Feb.2003 21:01

not me

english teacher now history angel
not 7:26pm sun feb 2 '03

cspan this pm, shuttle boss says telemitry shows heat on north (left) side, controls responding to "pressure wave". i think shot down with airborn laser to give the maggots an "event" while fucking us some more. watch cspan, scientists are not good liars. nasa is cool

Herez One 02.Feb.2003 21:28

pResident Bush

The White House, dying a horrible death in the media, public relations, economy, war thing, rides a freak accident (?) aboard the shuttle to new lows in history.

Shielded behind a corporate media that has no plans or intention to cover the utter brutality/insanity of the coming war on Iraq (just like last time), the White House "deftly" changes the subject to 24/7 coverage of the shuttle "disaster" to divert attention away from its treason and war crimes.

The corporate media phones it in with endless coverage of the 7 NASA heroes and the Texas folk who found astronaut body parts in their backyards.

The public's attention is thus diverted away from the real story, an oil war without justification, save greed and bloodthirst.

The saturation coverage of another missing white woman (from california) was kinda losing steam anyway.

One last thing:

Did anyone else notice that "shuttle shock" was a bit less intense this time, to say the least?

After experiencing the 1986 event through 911, and everything in between and since, it's kinda like, "Yeah, yeah."

Conspiracies only happen in Shakespeare... 02.Feb.2003 22:57


This is a GREAT contest, because it's really funny to watch all those whackos who think that they are watching the media and current events with a skeptical eye and with a historical perspective.

Because the oil companies did not conspire to buy up the street car systems in Los Angeles.

Because the Hearst paper pulp/"news"/logging empire did not conspire to turn public opinion and legislation against marijuana to supress developments in alternative paper-making.

Because the CIA never conducted mind control experiments with the help of imported Nazis or trafficked in cocaine and heroin in the midst of a "War on Drugs".

And of course, because sectors of the Military/Industrial Complex are DEFINITELY not conducting a covert chemical spraying campiagn over American skies and 9/11 was a masterful strike against the standing no-fly zone over the Pentagon and we just missed intercepting that second plane at the WTC!

Because this is a democracy, and that sort of thing just does not happen here. Ever.

So don't even look.

(please excuse the excessive use of sarcasm, I am getting weary of trolls conspiring to discredit critical thinking in general)

And the best theory is....... 03.Feb.2003 09:15


There are NO space shuttles at all and there never was any.....it is ALL a lie.

what the hell 03.Feb.2003 12:23

dj tubesteak

Probably the wackiest conpiracy theory I've heard recently is that a Sunni Baathist dictator has been building chemical and bioligical weapons in complete secrecy for the purpose of arming a bunch of Shiite fundamentalists, and given how many people are willing to believe that, we might as well say that they also had something to do with blowing up the Space Shuttle. Hey, there was an Israeli astronaut on board; maybe Yasser Arafat was in on it, too.

Maybe they were just stupid. . . 03.Feb.2003 13:05


Or underfunded. Or shortsighted.

Americans spent some millions of dollars creating a pen that would write in space. Do you know what the Russians did?

They used a pencil.

Although I wouldn't put it past this gov't to do something like stage an 'accident' like this, I think it has more to do with funding, hubris, ego, and oversight.

UK Repost - for real 03.Feb.2003 19:56

not me either . . .

Scalar Strike On Columbia Ends WW3?
by dh 9:04pm Mon Feb 3 '03


Scalar Strike On Columbia Ends WW3?
High Profile Target Makes For Devastating Blow

February 1st, 2003


Composite image shows shuttle breakup
and default Google logo for Feb 1, 2003
--celebrating Chinese New Year

A scalar-burst strike on the US space shuttle Columbia has struck a debilitating preemptive blow to Anglo-American plans for a Middle-East takeover.

Psychological warfare tactics were to the fore in continuing pre-conflict skirmishing over the planned US-UK invasion of the Middle-East. This time the blow was devastating, as the Columbia ran into an electromagnetic 'wall,' in the sky over Texas.

On Saturday 1st February, 2003 a scalar Tesla Howitzer weapon --aimed at downing the US space shuttle Columbia was phenomenally successful and will leave red faces in the Pentagon.

Despite the media spin of an unfortunate accident, the nature of the crash of Columbia was evident from eyewitness accounts. The telltale sonic boom from the deployment of the weapon was so strong: "It was like a car hitting the house or an explosion. It shook that much," John Ferolito, 60, of Carrolton, north of Dallas, told the Associated Press.

Media reports put the noise down to the effects of the shuttle breakup, but this is clearly spurious. The shuttle was gliding at 203,000 feet. That works out to almost 40 miles. Aircraft-generated sonic booms 40 miles up in super-thin air do not shake homes at ground level. Nor do small debris parts. Just try generating air pressure changes at ground level when 40 miles up -no matter how fast you are going.

Click [HERE] for expanded view
Just after a previous shuttle launch in November, 1985 a sonic boom occurred over the launch site, after the shuttle had departed. The same effects took place on least two previous shuttle launches. Scalar expert T. E. Bearden put these down to testing of the weapons.

The scalar boom effect is caused in way similar to a thunderstorm. In that case the lightning cleaves apart large masses of air which boom. The scalar weapon can generate a massive version of the same effect. This is not a "beam" weapon like the one used to down the two WTC towers. It remotely produces local space-time distortion effects by connecting through the complex plane around which all space-time is wrapped.


Quite how top military brass managed to hang out an irresistibly attractive lure for targeting, remains to be answered. If gross incompetence was the reason, then perhaps their war might better be delayed until the US-UK Axis has some competent military strategic leadership in place.

Let's just recap: First, the shuttle was launched in the middle of a tense period of nuclear weapon sabre-rattling between the US and China -with the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) acting as the Chinese proxy and battleground. Second, the propaganda highlight of the mission was the onboard presence of an Israeli researcher. Third, the shuttle was scheduled to land in the middle of Chinese New Year celebrations. Fourth, it was scheduled to glide in over US president Bush's home state of Texas on final approach.

Given that taking the shuttle out with scalar weapons (known to be in the possession of a number of opponents of the Anglo-American cabal) was always going to be a straightforward matter, the question is: who the **** allowed this shuttle mission to go ahead at this time??

Today, February 1st, 2003 the China People's Daily online edition reported the DPRK's ambassador to Russia, Pak Ui-chun, warning in Moscow on Friday that the DPRK would take "adequate measures to counter a possible United States preemptive attack."

Adequate measures indeed. When the People's Daily reports the words of the DPRK ambassador there is a certain significance to such a report --under the headline "DPRK Warns It Will Take Measures in Face of US Threat."

As we recently reported, last week the US was hit with a scalar manipulation of weather, when a large high pressure area diverted cold air down from Canada, but the US Administration did not seem to get the message.

And so they left the space shuttle Columbia hung out on a limb for INEVITABLE targeting. This failure was overseen by military planners possessed with what can only be described as mind-boggling levels of incompetence.

If this is the leadership the US is relying upon to win a war in the Middle-East then expect George Bush to join the antiwar protesters tomorrow. Have these top brass ever heard of PsyOps? Presumably they have, as they run a huge PsyOps effort themselves.

So why offer such an unbelievably enticing PsyOp target such as Columbia in the context of all the above? The impact on the US population could not be greater -entirely negating the 'positive' military psychological and diplomatic advantages of this cabal having staged the 9/11 attacks in the first place. Even judged by the deeply flawed logic of global imperialist ambitions, what's the point of sacrificing 3,500 people to ensure the survival of the 'free world,' if you are going to squander that blood-earned 'advantage' like this?

It's the equivalent of going to war by unzipping your fly, and inviting your opponent to kick you in the **lls?! Pardon the rough terms in this tract. Sometimes words of three or less, and five or more, letters are insufficient to adequately express angered, bewildered outrage.

After the outrage we still have to figure why, and what next. Here's the why: This failure is the clear result of arrogance married to incompetence. Prudent planning would have anticipated the potential disaster, but prudence is a strange bedfellow to the arrogance born of expectations of hegemony as a birthright.

Yes, on the domestic scene the story is already being spun frantically along the lines of: "tiles came loose(insufficient cause)," and "valiant astronauts," to minimize the damage to national psychology. But nevertheless there will be significant effects and nagging doubts in the minds of the domestic population.

What next: The unwashed masses in the USA may well swallow whatever McSpin the networks churn out for domestic consumption, but it is internationally that the real damage will be done. International allies and waverers will know the truth of the matter and are unlikely to to be unaffected. Time for a VERY big rethink in the Cabal.

Excuse me Mr. Bush. War on Terror? Run that slogan by me again please. I thought for a moment you said War in Error.

Update Feb 2 Columbia Strike Linked To Ariane Rocket Explosion

See: Scalar Weapons Threaten Axis of Earth

GuluFuture HomePage PAGE URL  http://www.gulufuture.com/future/scalar_columbia_z.htm

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