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Overpass protests are booming

Overpass protesters have now spread to seven states across America with more coming on line weekly.

Visit link for more pictures and videos:
Overpass protests are booming
Overpass protests are booming
Seven states and growing!!!!

January 27 (Bellingham) - Overpass protesters have now spread to seven states across America with more coming on line weekly. Previously, we reported on actions in Oregon, Florida and Colorado. This week Connecticut, Texas and Indianna sent in reports of overpass actions. In Washington state, over 300 protesters took to the overpasses between the Canadian border and the Lake Washington Ship Canal in Seattle. Support for the protests increased noticably, with more drivers honking, waving, and giving the peace sign. Nationwide, the action continues to build towards President's Day weekend with thousands expected to wave signs and banners on February 15 from 11am to 1pm.

In Connecticut, all sixteen overpasses on RT 91 carried an anti-war message. Traprock Peace Center has a nice web page showing how the action came into being. It's enough to make a dog laugh, as Divya says at the Laughing Dog Farm.

In Austin, Texas, "banner drops" on overpasses were in their third week. Our correspondent Christyne in the Lone Star capital says "Thanks for the inspiration." We say "Thank you for showing Texas standing tall." Austin IndyMedia covered the freeway festivities.

The Indianapolis-Bloomington corridor in Indianna saw Indy Iraq Action in the fray. Their first batch of fifty signs "went like hotcakes" as Hoosiers covered several overpasses during rush hour. Another 150 signs are on the way to demonstrate on Wednesday over Bush's State of the Onion message. Peaceful Pete of Indy Iraq Action says, "Nine degree temps didn't dissuade some of us from showing the slow moving traffic heading to the Indianapolis burbs what we think." Go Hoosiers!

homepage: homepage: http://nwcitizen.com/usa/overpass/index.html

let's do it in portland 02.Feb.2003 21:19


after the last protest, the January 18th.

i spent some 2 hours with my sign, standing on a freeway over pass, and was seen by thousands and thousands of people. for the most part the responses were good.

we could have a protest snake back and forth above the freeways !!! more people would see us.

Vancouver WA Overpass Action 04.Feb.2003 08:52

Den Mark

For several months, a few Clark County Greens have held our banner & flags above I-5 on Evergreen Bl overpass, just north of the Columbia, in downtown Vancouver, Thursdays from 4pm til we freeze our asses. (There's always a strong cold wind, probably emanating from DC!) We'll also be on that overpass on the 15th, mid-day. This is a terrific way to promote Peace to thousands, with lttle cost.