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What do the initials N.A.S.A. stand for ??
Need Another Seven Astronaut
bad 02.Feb.2003 09:19


very funny.

Class act, as usual 02.Feb.2003 11:17


A real class act, thank you for your postings. Unfortunately, I wouldn't expect anything better from this crowd here who are secretly / not-so-secretly rejoicing from this tragedy.

Not So 02.Feb.2003 12:40


Robert; You're generalizing. I don't see evidence, with rare exception, of anyone openly or secretly basking in this tragedy. The poster here is obviously immature, or at least, the sense of humor is immature. One other poster merely thought that it was symbolic that the crash occurred near Texas, not that he was reveling in the event.

Ok, here's some proof 02.Feb.2003 14:02


Ranger, since you can't seen anyone "basking" in this tragedy, I've copy and pasted some comments in from the "Shuttle Down over Texas" thread.

here goes...
Sean Henderson 10:24pm Sat Feb 1 '03
 lohan1@msn.com comment#43134

This may be an unpopular sentiment but...

While I'm not happy that the astronaughts died, I like the symbolism of the American space shuttle bursting into flames over Texas of all places.

It flies in the face of American arrogance and self-righteousness.

There are definately good things about scientific exploration, but the scientific loss (if any) is not what the explosion brings to mind for me.

It is a sobering vision of the laws of the universe.

Rome also fell.

Hopefully (corrupt) Americans will fall soon as well.


Get ready for the griefspeak
Theresa Mitchell 10:49am Sat Feb 1 '03

First, if anyone directly connected with the handful of astronauts is reading this, my condolences.

More than six people will die today in the US, as a result of auto accidents, work accidents, wife-beatings, et cetera.

Yet we will be subjected to a vast and powerful media brainwash to force us all, as strangers, to grieve the Shuttle crew. This is griefspeak. Here it comes.

Here's the other side that you won't be hearing: Every time the solid-fuel boosters of the Shuttle launch through the atmosphere, the chlorine and other reactive compounds in the exhaust rip out around 300 tons of ozone. If you think the ozone layer can take this sort of assault, read up on the ozone layer's total weight and do some division. If you do, you will realize that the loss of the Columbia is a great boon to life on Earth.

The shuttle could have been built with all-liquid-fuel boosters but the 'savings' of the cheap solid-fuel boosters were attractive to NASA and Congress.

Secondly, the Israeli astronaut was using a special camera to photograph the Earth. I have no doubt that camera was part of Greater Israel's war effort.

Make sure you're well-protected before you mention this stuff in public--the flag-waving zombies will attack.


remembers a spoken word track
matchboy 12:28pm Sat Feb 1 '03
 matchboy@tearitalldown.com comment#43060

Why I'm glad the space shuttle blew up

No! It wasn't the classroom full of school kids on TV whimpering were in horror, trying to stomach what they've seen on the screen. Each one of them still wearing one of those pointed birthday hats.


Our first reaction at my house when the Challenger did it's thing was each of us daring the other to call up the local media and claim "Ey, we're that legendary Libyan hit-squad you've written so much about. And WE blew up the space shuttle!". Later that night we gave up the idea. Same old excuse, what if we get caught? Sometimes it does make sense to chicken out. Then I found out we were pretty damn lucky. If the Challenger had made it home, things might now be much worse, if we were even still here at all.

Because NASA's plan was to send up the next space shuttle after the Challenger up with 46 lbs. of plutonium.

And if that one had blown up, there'd be enough radiation in the air to cause cancer in as many as five billion people. What's the population of the world, boys and girls?

And it wouldn't all land in one place, either. It slowly goes all over the world. Which may explain why the cancer rate declined steadily in the first half of the century, but has held steady of not grown ever since atomic testing began. How reckless can you get?

How reckless can you get?

Up, up, and away! Launch Star Wars the easy way! Just fire it up into the great beyond and don't tell anybody you put it there. After all, when people don't know what hurts them, they don't care. Just blame the fall out cancer epidemic on Saddam Hussein. And think of all the money people we know and love would make selling "How to cope with cancer"-kits to Martha Stewart people and yuppies.

That's why I'm glad that space shuttle blew up, because if one more had gone up and blown up instead, it might have melted all of us, too.

But did we learn? No. Now I find out that our ever practical and sensible government is at it again. In October 1997, NASA launched from Cape Canaveral the so-called Casini space probe to Saturn. And this one carried 72 lbs. of plutonium. Casini went up on a Lockheed Titan 4 rocket. Some of those rockets that exploded earlier during tests. Thankfully it did not blow up on lift off. But they were a little worried, because the local broadcast in the Cape Canaveral area urged people to shut their windows in case of explosion - they didn't even tell you to duck and cover.

Casini is supposed to have this slingshot maneuver where it was actually launched in the opposite direction opposite Saturn, so it will rocket around Venus twice, and then ricochet and hurdle back towards earth at over 42 000 miles an hour, for a fast and low fly by scheduled at August 16th 1999. It will then use the Earth's orbital pole and gravity to increase the velocity more so it will make it all the way to Saturn. On August 16th 1999, that's when it's scheduled to come back.

Mark your calendars, forget the millenium.

Because one malfunction or miscalculation, that far out in space - aiming at a granule off to the right or to the left one millimeter and you're 75 miles closer to the earth or something like that. After a billion miles in space, if Casini comes too close, it could burn up in our atmosphere and rain 72 lbs. of plutonium all over the earth. One speck of plutonium in your system is enough to give you cancer and kill you. Needless to say, the American people - nor all the other people on Earth who could get killed if the slightest thing goes wrong - were ever asked "Is this worth it"?

If that's not enough, the 72 lbs. Of plutonium aren't even being used to power the rocket. But to fuel three radio isotope thermal generators, otherwise known as RTG's, that power the probe's instruments. Producing 745 Watts of electricity, about the same amount needed to power seven light bulbs.

Is this worth it?

According to the European Space Agency, if we had waited a few more years until the research is done, this could have been accomplished with solar panels that wouldn't kill anybody.

Why are we doing this?

Because Lockheed built the rocket and the RTG's? Even their own executives will transpire if Casini misfires!

Then what would happen?

Then what would happen?

As people start to getting catastrophically ill, all at the same time, what would they do? Broadcast on TV?

"No, you're not getting sick, it's only a cold. Nooo, you're not getting sick, it's only... Oh... You are sick. Looks like everybody's getting sick. Mulder, Scully, what do we do?

"Just wear sunglasses, stay indoors, read the bible, watch videos. And since it's somehow Saddam Hussein's fault anyway, we might as well tell you we all have six months to live!"

Then what would happen!?

"Now it's over. It's really over. What matters now? Nothing matters now."

Can you imagine what would happen if everyone on Earth all realized this at once?

"Nothing matters anymore! Law and order, why bother!? It's now or never to do all those things we always wanted to do. Right now!

"Open hydrants, break down doors, cow tipping, armoured car tipping! Bank stripping! Shopping mall-free-for-all! Lewd downtown! Piss anywhere! Rifle through people's houses and play with their 'special secret things'. Come back and play with them, when the full moon is high!

"The clay pigeon generation has had enough!

"Invincible buildings downtown are no longer threatened. They're already dead! And so is our money! And so is our discipline! And so is our self respect! And so is our self control! CEO's sail out windows like 1929! Hot wire their BMW's and play Mad Max chicken on the golf course! Barbecue police officers at major intersections! During permanent rush hour!

"Burn! Kill! Annihilate! Destroy!

"Pillage, the ultimate mini-series!

"The LA riot that never ends!

"Strew all our prices down the middle of Main street! You can't take it with you, there's not much time anyway.

"I'm bored now. This is getting old. And I'm feeling sick. It really doesn't matter anymore. Just stay close to me. Hold me. Now. Curl up. Never let me go. Nail the apartment shut. I stashed plenty of food. TV still works. We could drop acid every day. Just hold me. Now. Please."

That's what would happen.

Transcribed from: Jello Biafra, If Evolution Is Outlawed, Only Outlaws Will Evolve, Virus 201 CD (C) & (P) 1998 Alternative Tentacles Records


Shameless 02.Feb.2003 16:54


The astronauts haven't even been dead 48 hours, and people are already turning the tragedy into anti-Bush jokes and I-refuse-to-take-my-medication conspiracy theories. And did everybody catch that one post that said the Israeli astronaut was a spy? No, I'm not surprised. But it still makes me nauseous. I try not to puke on the screen or keyboard.

i for one don't really care 03.Feb.2003 06:55


well "Robert" you got me--call the thought police cuz i really don't care. i am far from rejoicing though i shed not tear 1 for the astronauts just because they're representing the grandiose dreams of civilized humans.

i do care that they are people and i don't care to spout on about how much i care about them, i just do in my own private way.

don't expect too much from me dear "Robert". i don't really expect you to be able to get over your righteous indignation.