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I don't understand this place...

Why is it that everyone here is so negative about everything? Can anyone answer this question without more hate and anger?
It doesn't matter what the subject matter is here because the answer is always more negativity. The majority of the people who post here seem to have very clear opinions on every single issue that is going on in the world yet most of the time they offer absolutely no solutions to the problems they feel so strongly about. Does anyone even get what I'm saying?

Case in point. If you hate the upcoming "OIL WAR" then why don't you spend your time trying to educate ignorant people how they can reduce their dependency on foreign oil by trading in their current automobile for a hybrid one. Maybe you can start with yourself by analyzing and changing your current lifestyle. These massive gatherings called "Peace Marches" don't really create anything positive and in fact they compel the participants to consume large amounts of petroleum products to actually transport themselves to such events.

Or take another example. Instead of spreading your hateful venom about Starbucks, Wall-Mart, Costco or whatever other company it is that you dislike so much why don't you find an alternative and then promote that to the public? Maybe if you took the time to inform the average consumer that they could in fact find lower overall prices and also receive better customer service at a small local business people might be more willing to listen to your point of view as opposed to watching you condone the vandalism of your local Starbucks and forming their opinions that way.

Its very interesting to see you talk amongst yourself and trade ideas and information but because of the general content of the information expressed on this site that is about as far as it goes because the real message gets lost with all your catchy buzz words and phrases. You are not reaching out to anyone, in fact with the general misanthropic attitudes continuously expressed around here you are further distancing yourself from the public and serving no purpose other than stimulating your own egotistical self-loathing.
Good Point 01.Feb.2003 20:37


I agree that, aside from being critical, there should be a discussion of solutions and alternatives. The employees of Starbucks are not necessarily Zionists, there just trying to pay their bills. We should be listing alternative coffee shops to support.

However, I don't believe everyone on this site is always negative. These days however, it is understandable that there are so many cynical and angry people. Just look at who they have for role models.

something to think about 01.Feb.2003 20:51


"if you want to change the world, start with yourself"

these are the words i try to live by. it's not easy, but it's Real.

egotistical self-loathing rules! 01.Feb.2003 20:55


quit yer whinin'. I swear, if I had a dime for every time I heard some reactionary say, "do something positive, blah, blah...", I'd have a shitload of dimes, that's for goddamn sure. Here's an idea, go to the fuckin' teletubbies website if you want something that makes sense.


I think you are missing the fact that many if not most of the people who post here ARE involved in positive work...only YOU don't know it because you're too busy playing your Gamecube and eatin' cheetos.

Here's Some Negativity... Go F**K Yourself 01.Feb.2003 21:01

Nancy Drew

How is it you determined that "everyone" here doesn't do anything about "everything" they hate so much? You're some kind of clairvoyant? Many people who read and post news to this site are engaged in all sorts of activites aside from participating in Indymedia... bicycle advocacy (that's something for your oil war), food co-ops, food not bombs, practicing what they preach (ie not spending money with heinous corporations, not burning fossil fuels for every 3-block trip from home, etc.) and outreach and organizing of many kinds. Unfortunately, most of the people on planet Earth do not give a rats ass about the social or environmental impact of shopping at Costco, drinking Starbucks coffee, etc. A few do, and hopefully through media activism and other channels the information necessary to life an informed life can be found by anyone willing to make the remotest of efforts.

How do you explain the hundreds of thousands of people who were out on the streets demanding that we not go to war? That happened because everyone was inside, under a blanket with the lights out, posting their angry news on Indymedia? No, it happened through organizing, inter-group solidarity, sharing information and ideas, and so on. So, here's some negativity for ya. Get a goddam clue before you start throwing wild accusations around, when it's clear all you are is a status-quo junkie with a chip on his or her shoulder, do to the growing distaste for your blind-and-ignorant status-quo lifestyle. Perhaps the reason you don't "understand this place" is because you are a clueless
kneebiting dimwit.

hey 'Vorlax' 02.Feb.2003 00:44

get a life

if you think that life revolves around reading internet newswires and message boards . . .



"they compel the participants to consume large amounts of petroleum products to actually transport themselves to such events"

hey 'Vorlax'
hey 'Vorlax'

What this guy really meant 02.Feb.2003 03:40

plurality plurality@hotmail.com

Look, maybe the principal poster was not entirely clear, but some of the hostile reaction to his screed just prove his point. May I humbly suggest that what he was trying to get at is: how come what's posted on this and similar sites never seems aimed at changing anyone's opinion? Yeah, that's right, you all preach to the choir. Now you can tell me to go fuck myself...that's one thing you're good at.

Some Validity 02.Feb.2003 08:42


The point about preaching to the choir is a good one... I do not want to disparage the efforts of anyone who is exerting the effort and energy to work for justice and make the world better, but it really is a battle for popular opinion, whether you like it or not.

It's easy to pigeonhole your opposition as SUV driving, Starbucks-drinking, Wal-Mart shopping, Buffy-watching, fat, lazy suburbanites, but for every person alienated, that counteracts the influence of outreach that tries to educate people. Rush Limbaugh and Hannity aren't popular because they're correct, but because they trivialize and demonize what people don't understand and are even somewhat afraid of.

One isn't born conservative, liberal, fascist or anarchist, and one isn't cast into that mold for life either, but if they feel they're being personally attacked, they will regress into a state of mind that offers them the security of supposed moral superiority.

march??? 02.Feb.2003 08:56


when is the next march?

Here's another question for you trolls 02.Feb.2003 12:46

Dana Plato

Here's a question I'd love to see answered by all you right-wing trolls - if this web site, this movement, and all opinions contrary to your own are so ineffective, pathetic, self-serving, etc, why do you spend so much of your time here trying to disparage people? The answer is that, clearly, your safe and happy lives are being disrupted by the widespread opposition to global military-industrial capitalism, which you are in love with. I can't imagine wasting even one minute of my time sitting around on some rush limbaugh website, trying to get a rise out of people. And you know why? Because I know that rush limbaugh and his throngs of admirers are clueless, witless, insignificant, and will soon be swept into the dustbin of history. You are here heckling people because you can see the power of the opposition to your greed-soaked, blood-soaked vision of the future, and it scares the shit out of you.

well... 02.Feb.2003 15:40

Bush Admirer

Well, there's that, and I'm just lonely.

congrats everyone, you proved Vorlax right 02.Feb.2003 17:22


While Vorlax obviously has his/her own opinions about the site and will most likely never change them (RE:"
... serving no purpose other than stimulating your own egotistical self-loathing), you just proved him/her right. Jeez. Here's something for you, Vorlax:

You said: "The majority of the people who post here seem to have very clear opinions on every single issue that is going on in the world ..." See, now yr referring to the comments that people make to articles posted. Sure, there are some people here who just use Indymedia as a chat room, and don't make any real points, but there are also a few people who make very astute observations about a story/comment that is posted. You could learn a thing or two from them. I have. Have you ever actually read the articles on the site, Vorlax? Indymedia serves to inform people of what is going on in the world through channels other than corporate media. That means, you'll usually get more pro-palestinan articles b/c the corp. press just covers the Israeli side; you'll get more anti-war news b/c the corp. press ignores the peace movement, etc. So, the site is really a place to get news that you wouldn't get anywhere else. The comment section is just a bonus feature to (hopefully) stimulate some lively, thought-provoking debate. Do you read the articles? Are you learning anything new? If not, than you aren't using the siteto yr full advantage.

You said: "...yet most of the time they offer absolutely no solutions to the problems they feel so strongly about." This tells me that you don't read the articles/check out the calendar at all, b/c the site is FULL of solutions. People post upcoming events so people can get together and TALK about the SOLUTIONS. People try to post a different view so others can see that yeah, maybe they should trade in their SUV for a hybrid car. The answers aren't always going to be spelled out for people, but that is b/c the answers aren't always going to be the same for everyone. (ie, what works for one person will not neccessarily work for another.)

If you are TRULY interested in the site, and learning something new, you have to pay more attention, and not just read the comments that people post. If you are looking for a chat room, this ain't it. Why don't you try checking out the community links just to your left if you are interested in REAL solutions? That is a major solution that could work for everyone: Localization, not globalization.

The bigest shit eater! 28.Sep.2004 18:41

Un come mierda mas.

Si alguien puede solucionar el caos mundial, por favor digamelo pero no me digan que la solucion esta en la mano de los politicos, o gente que al igual que el diablo promete mucho pero no te dan nada y al final lo poco que tienes te lo quitan.