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NASA Nixes Plan to Send Henry Kissinger on Shuttle Flight to Space Station

NASA quietly announced that Henry Kissinger has cancelled his plans to take a trip to the International Space Station on the next space shuttle flight.

Too bad... 01.Feb.2003 17:08

War Crimes Tribunal

Kissenger wasn't on the Columbia.

spam alert 01.Feb.2003 17:12


It would be funny to see the guy blast off into space. But alas, the story is bogus. Seems someone wants to have a laugh or two on "dumb leftists"

pResident Bush to lead US space return 01.Feb.2003 18:23

Dan Rather

pResident Bush Anouced this afternoon that he will personaly lead the US's return to space if he is in the White House at that time. He said he will set an example by being on the next launching. This has received surprising aproval from Friends of the Earth and other earth friendly organizations.

In related story Dick Chenney is investigating the Challenger, err the Columbian, explosion from an even deeper bunker.

yo, UFOs TOTALLY blew up the space shuttle 01.Feb.2003 19:59


NASA is hiding what they know about the involvement of UFOs in the crash. Why do you think they had all that extra security around the landing strip? To protect themselves from the Iraqi Airforce? Our space brothers are pissed!

dont pollute outer space 01.Feb.2003 21:12


Bushit longs for glory, Kissinger for the the next Lucifer. Neither have the "right stuff".
If there is a place for them and their ilk, it is the sun. Vaporize them to a subatomic level. The sun will fart and that will be that.