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Its the budget Stupid?

Did the new republicratic order put the Astronauts in the HOT SEAT?

Many thoughts came to mind. To the fore was not the anguish of the families or a feeling of sadness. I hate to say it, but it was an I could have told you so. I felt that the Budget priorities and its ramifications have come home to roost. I have no idea if this is indeed the case, but my feelings were leading me here. Further reinforcement came on reflecting the Reagan budget priorities.

The rapid automatic mass murder machine has sucked the resources from NASA and this is its consequence my feeling are telling me. There was also the member from a country which administrates the greatest concentration camp in history aboard that shuttle to. It too has sucked capital away from NASA by our subsidizing that country's economy.

Perhaps the finger of god put Sharon and Bush on notice of the realities of their priorities.

Time will tell, but now my feelings for the families lost have now come. My feelings are also sad with the murder and torture of victims by the large social systems that are of control.