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Was there any chemicals onboard the Space Ship?

The people of the world want to know...
ALl living creatures on Earth have one question to ask NASA and the US Gov't.

"Was there any harmful chemicals onboard the Space Shuttle?"

This reminds me of 1986... and the plan of the next launch of the Challenger...


homepage: homepage: http://www.tearitalldown.com/

nuclear material on space shuttle? 01.Feb.2003 15:51


The link above leads to a write-up that talks about nuclear material in flight schedualed to go up immediately following the 1986 Challenger explosion.

w/ respect to today's event, see here:




and more to come, to be sure

yes 01.Feb.2003 16:54


Yes, NASA announced that there were lots of harmful chemicals on the Space Shuttle and warned people to stay away from the wreckage.

here goes... 01.Feb.2003 22:24

Sean Henderson lohan1@msn.com

This may be an unpopular sentiment but...

While I'm not happy that the astronaughts died, I like the symbolism of the American space shuttle bursting into flames over Texas of all places.

It flies in the face of American arrogance and self-righteousness.

There are definately good things about scientific exploration, but the scientific loss (if any) is not what the explosion brings to mind for me.

It is a sobering vision of the laws of the universe.

Rome also fell.

Hopefully (corrupt) Americans will fall soon as well.