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Rice for Peace-- stop the war now

Take action to stop the war in Iraq now. Join thousands of others in sending the message: Feed Iraq, don't bomb them. (NEW email address below, made necessary due to disruption of online communications.)
Rice for Peace-- stop the war now
Rice for Peace-- stop the war now
Say NO to war!

Other anti-war groups, please pick up this campaign!

In the 1950's, tens of thousands of people sent small bags of rice to President Eisenhower convincing him not to attack China. Now a nationwide effort has been launched to send the same message to President Bush about Iraq. If we are going to send something to Iraq it should be food, not bombs.

Send a half cup of uncooked rice in a plastic bag *AND* a strong padded envelope or a small box with the message "Rice for Peace - No War On Iraq" on the outside of the package. (Be sure that the package is secure, so that it won't break open in the mail! No headaches for the Post Office folks, please.)

Mail now to:

President George Bush
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW
Washington DC 20500

NEW email address!

Like a number of peace and justice organizations, the Rice For Peace folks have found that their online communications have been subject to curious disruptions.

They've made some changes. Their new email address is:


If you send rice, also send an email to Rice For Peace at  RiceForPeace@indra.com with your city and state so they can count your message for peace.

For more information on the Rice For Peace project see:  http://www.rmpjc.org/RiceForPeace/

or, if it is working,



One of the best resources for information about war in the Middle East is the website of the Colorado Campaign for Middle East Peace. Its great strength is preservation of media articles to create an up-to-date historical record, particularly about Palestine/Israel and Iraq. The website is here:


I am a volunteer for the Colorado Campaign for Middle East Peace (which has survived scores of online spoofing attacks and virus attacks.) I support the Rocky Mountain Peace and Justice Center and their Rice For Peace campaign.

richard myers