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Rock the Police State tonight at Berbati's

Come help Consolidated, Sumerland, Riot Cop and Oneiric Rock the Police State! at Berbati's Pan 9 p.m. Sat. Feb. 1! Just say NO! to police abuse! A fundraiser for the Police Accountability Campaign.
Rock the Police State tonight at Berbati's
Rock the Police State tonight at Berbati's
Medals of Valor awarded to police officers who fill the confused, mentally ill with bullets? Infants in their mother's arms pepper-sprayed? Peaceful Portlanders harassed, beatened, pepper-sprayed and arrested for attempting to make their anti-war sentiments known to their elected representatives?

Please help us Rock the Police State!
Rock the Police State! is a benefit show for the Police Accountability Campaign featuring Consolidated, Sumerland, Riot Cop and Oneiric at 9 p.m. on Saturday, February 1 at Berbati's Pan!
This show represents a range of musical backgrounds, bringing together a rare
appearance by Consolidated, a radical project that has been criticizing the culture of violence for more than 15 years, who will play with Sumerland, a goth/psychedelic band with a wide following and two new, energetic Portland punk bandsóRiot Cop and Oneiric. It will be a full night of diverse and complementary bands for an excellent cause!
Doors open at 8 p.m. at Berbati's Pan, 10 S.W. 3rd Ave. Tickets $6 to $10

The Police Accountability Campaign is a non-profit organization working to bring the police under community control by establishing a fully empowered and independent review board. Please checkout the issues at www.policeaccountabilitycampaign.org.

Biographies of Bands
Consolidated has been committed to radical social change through music, political action and activism for 15 years. Believing everyone should be a participant and not a spectator, Consolidated has always blurred the line between performer and audience and encouraged open mic participation, producing some very interesting results. While critiquing capital, sexism, patriarchy and violence, the project equally focuses on the violence of the culture industry. Consolidated connects diverse social justice movements and visualizes the revolutionary dismantling of the culture industry with sound.
Sumerland: Dark, integrated, psychedelic arrangements with deep, intense vocals. Gothic influences, very musical, attracts a broad following.

Riot Cop: Political surf punk rock. Their name comes from their outspoken opposition to riot cops and police brutality. One of the singers, Alex Lily, is gaining national attention for his politically provocative visual art and currently has a show at the Library of Congress. He will show his work about censorship and civil liberties in New York City and Los Angeles this year and his work will be available at the show.

Oneiric: "The Smiths meet the Pixies"-- loud music with soft, harmonizing vocals and philosophical lyrics.
Demo's and photos available upon request.


homepage: homepage: http://policeaccountabilitycampaign.org
phone: phone: 503-287-2255