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Earth First! activists protest Calpine plan to desecrate sacred lands

From the open publishing newswire: Citizens from all over California and Oregon stormed the corporate headquarters of Calpine Corporation February 17 in San Jose, California to denounce the corporation's development activities in the Medicine Lake Highlands of northern California. The area of Medicine Lake has enormous spiritual and cultural significance to the Pit River, Klamath-Modoc and Shasta Tribes.

Under the Clinton administration the Telephone Flat Power Plan was denied due to Native American religious rights and environmental impacts. The decision was overturned and the project was approved by the Bush Administration due to his new energy policy, a policy that was brought on by the Enron "Energy Crisis." Calpine Corporation was a major power supplier during the California energy crisis. Calpine has the right to develop the Medicine Lake area and will be provided with major taxpayer subsidies in order to build the power plants. All the land to be developed is on public lands.

This project will destroy water and air quality, litter the area with clear-cuts and deny religious freedoms to the tribes. [ Read More... ]