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Save Cooper Spur!

From the open publishing newswire: Hood River County is proposing a destination resort zoning ordinance. The ordinance will include a map showing where a new destination resort zone could potentially allow a destination resort. The ordinance provides direction to the County Planning Commission, Staff and Board of County Commissioners on how the new zoning category will protect and enhance economic, natural, historic, scenic, farm and forest and other resources.

The County Planning Commission is asking citizens and groups for input to make improvements to the proposal. While there are some good aspects to the proposal, the ordinance and map as proposed are woefully inadequate. Due to major omissions, the ordinance in its current form will not protect significant County resources we all hold dear. The map also contains inaccuracies and omissions. Resorts approved under the current ordinance could harm the ailing economy and agricultural economic base. COMMENTS TO THE PLANNING COMMISSION MUST BE RECEIVED BY WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 19.
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